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San Andreas Battle Royale


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(Logo created since 05/05/2018)


*Welcome to San Andreas Battle Royale. Just like the name says and if you know the popular trend in video games - yes, it's battle royale.

Now unfortunately that DYOM is not multiplayer capable, thus I found another unique way to make this happen.

Based on many games like PUBG and Fortnite, but most importantly - the Hunger Games movies, I hereby present you Battle Royale mini-missions in DYOM.




(a game of Luck)


► Your goal is to eliminate all enemies in certain map zones, only one can survive.. which is you.
► All enemies spawn with RANDOM weapons every time you play the mission.
So who knows that you might get, this will purely work on your Luck.
► Use your surroundings in the area to search for useful items, such as weapons, of course.
Vehicles for traveling and other items.
► Some maps require you to visit various locations to reveal enemies on map.
Other maps will require you to survive a certain time or play a little hide & seek.
► All enemies have 100% accuracy. Whatever weapon they get, they'll use it against you very professionally.
► Vehicles are very rare, so if you do find one, cherish it like your own genitals.
► If you notice some strange buildings, go and investigate, you never know what you may find there.



(for now, there are 5 modes - Points of Interest, Timeout, One Way, Jump Out and Hide & Kill)

Points of Interest - you must visit certain amount of unique locations to unlock all enemies on map.

Timeout - you must wait a certain amount of time before all enemies are shown on map.
One Way - you must fight your way towards one single checkpoint.
Jump Out - you must jump out of a moving plane, while all enemies are already shown on map.

Hide & Kill - you must FIND and KILL all enemies within the area, they will never be shown on map.



Red County

Points of Interest

You wash up on a little dock near a little town. Do what you can... to survive.

Be sure to visit all 5 of those unique locations to unlock all enemies on map.

There are 50 enemies within the zone.




The Mountain


You wake up on a plane with a parachute. Wherever you land is up to you. Goodluck.

You have 5:00 minutes to look around before enemies are shown on the map.

There are 50 enemies within the zone.


Bonus tips:



  • Check out Mount Chilliad. It has a secret parkour puzzle.
  • Beware of the crazy Murderer out there who is protecting his precious body parts. Do not try and fight him.
  • Did you know that the whole Grove Street squad is dancing somewhere within the zone?




Ghost Ship

Hide & Kill

Revisit one of the horrific places from the good ol' days of creating horror mission-packs.

Ghost Ship is back and it's time to hunt down the evil within.

You have 15:00 minutes to find and kill all of the enemies, who are not shown on the map.

After clearing a section, you get to travel to another location and explore more of the Ghost Ship.


Download the mission: (coming soon)
(No map zone limit, do not leave the ship)





Stairway To Heaven

One Way

Make your way to heaven, but beware, there are enemies in your way. Don't fall off.

(more information coming soon)


Download the mission: (coming soon)
Check the map zone limit - (coming soon)



Are You Going To San Fierro?

Jump Out

You are inside a plane flying over San Fierro. Jump out whenever you want to and land wherever you want to. Goodluck.

(more information coming soon)


Download the mission: (coming soon)
Check the map zone limit - (coming soon)






If you love designing all kinds of crazy maps in San Andreas, then you can contribute your map here!
Whether it's old, new, sh*tty, omg amazing - you can send it over here.

I'd prefer if you'd contact me personally first to hear out the details or requirements and or
you explaining me where certain points of interests are and which mode you'd like your map to be.
For modes - check missions.


If you want to feature your story-line or mission-pack, the map can be from one of your stories and turned into Battle Royale.

And it can even be based on your stories too.

Once you contribute your map, we will make it into a Battle Royale mission.
Pickups, vehicles and Actors will be placed by us.


Once your map is a Battle Royale made, it will be showcased on the front page.
Other maps might end up in the archives.


You may send your maps.


Update Log





  • 04-May-2018 == Uploaded the mission Red County.
  • 05-May-2018 == Created the topic, more info added.
  • 05-May-2018 == Uploaded the mission The Mountain, added a few new modes. Updated the topic with new information. Maps are now accepted.
  • 21-Aug-2018 == Updated the mission section, added the map Ghost Ship.



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I can find some free time and help you out with the maps, I'm a great fan of Battle Royale games and this is a great idea you had. Good luck, bro.

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very cool

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The Mountain
..mission is now available!


Also, I'm accepting map designs. It can be freshly made or even old, or it can be STRAIGHT out of one of your mission-packs or story-lines and it will be turned into Battle Royale.

Personally I think it'd be cool to feature some maps from popular mission-packs as a way to reference them.

Let me know if you encounter any bugs and I shall fix them right away.
Or if you have any ideas to improve the maps, go ahead.


Thinking of updating and maybe even expanding the Red County map and have 99 enemies in it. Will do lots of testing, though.

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  • 1 month later...

Yeah it have fun!

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