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Crimson MC - Recruitment Thread

just do it bob1

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just do it bob1









We are a GTA: Online MC Crew who likes to make money in the world of GTAO. We also pride ourselves on our combat skills as we do tend to go on rampages together in public sessions. We wear a strict uniform and have certain expectations for all our members. We are a group of players that are sensible and openminded. We are always looking for new players to add to the crew. We are looking to expand and add more players so we can have events and not be alone in sessions. We always have our backs since we are like a family. We have a bunch of active Administrators and an active crew Leader.






We are mostly active on Xbox One. However, we are somewhat active on PS4.






Founded in 2016, Crimson Corrupt is an extremely active crew in GTA which is professional and courteous to all of our members no matter the rank or skill they have. We do not kill each other; we bond with each other.












Joining the crew is very simple.






Before you click the link to our crew and join, you must do a couple of things.



Leave a reply to this thread. Explain to us why you want to join. Be clear and decisive. Responses that are deemed unworthy or lackluster will be passed on and ignored, so put some passion and be sincere with your reply.






Please leave your gamer tag and name your console as well as your social club ID.



If your account is an illegitimate account, don't worry, we will still accept you. If you could specify whether your account is legitimate or not would be helpful. However, this is optional.






Once you have done all the above, we will then confirm if you are worthy to be in our crew or not. If you are not, we will message you saying you have been kicked. Attempts to rejoin will result in a ban.






Head over to https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/crimson_corrupt and join.



The Crew is open to join, you don't have to send a request through social club.












Please Message just do it bob1 on Xbox and do all of the above, this excludes leaving a reply on the thread. Everything else has to be done when MSG just do it bob1 and submitting your application.






If you are on PS4, MSG justdoitbob1















(coming soon)















Here at Crimson MC, we are very strict on our uniform. You are expected to wear the uniform at all times. If you are with other members of the crew, you must be wearing it. If you are alone, we will allow you for just that time to be out of uniform. Why should I wear the uniform you may ask? Because you represent our crew and show the true professionalism we are genuinely passionate about. We expect you to wear this uniform with pride. We expect you to wear this uniform with commitment and honor. You should be proud of your crew and represent it and show how much you honor it.






We also have other expectations. (These apply to other crew members, not randoms)



  • No Killing (This is zero tolerance, you will be kicked if you are caught intentionally killing members)
  • No Trash talking (Please be courteous to other members)
  • No Greifing (This is a big no-no)
  • Report any rules broken by other members if you see any (Reports can be sent to Admins or Leader)


You also must always have the crew tag and have Crimson MC as your active crew. Failure to do so will result in a kick after 30 days, and you will not be allowed back in. If you alternate crews before your 30 days in up consistently over the course of 3 months, you will be kicked as well. We have zero tolerance for this in our crew.





Our uniform consists of a Leather Biker Jacket with the Crew Emblem on the back of it. This emblem must be visible, or you are considered to be out of uniform. You are expected to wear Leather pants or jeans with boots. Gloves and other headgear are considered okay. Ex. Bulletproof Helmets, Masks, Hats, and Glasses. If you have any questions on the uniform or are confused, please contact just do it bob1, AzarBoys, or The Spins on Xbox, and they will gladly assist you.


















just do it bob1 is the leader of the crew. Currently rank 520 in GTAO, he has had plenty of online experience and knows the ins and outs of GTAO. He is the heart and soul of the crew and puts his best foot forward to ensure that everyone in the crew is having a good time and in check. He does not take lightly to dress code violation. He is nice and willing to help other crew members make money. He likes to help with sales and VIP/MC work.












AzarBoys is one of just do it bob1's most trusted members. Currently rank 218, just do it bob1 trusts AzarBoys with any and all serious issues with the crew. They know each other very well and have been friends for a long time. AzarBoys expects 1 thing and 1 thing only: Wear the uniform. He is always looking for opportunities to make money in GTA Online and he likes doing heists. He shows great pride for the crew and loves to represent it even when off duty














You have shown commitment to the crew and want to be bumped for it? Say no more, we have you covered. Please message just do it bob1 explaining what you have done and why you should be bumped in the crew. Don't make it half-assed. Make it worthy and professional. Applications to be bumped should be a paragraph long. If you are seen to be worthy and are bumped without notice by one of the Admins, an Admin will message you saying you have been bumped in the crew for *reason here*. This means you could get bumped without submitting an application. Please do note that we don't pay attention to everyone, so the chances of this occurring are very slim.





















We Look Forward To Hearing From You.



Please note: This thread is still being updated. Stay Tuned.



Discord and Instagram Page Coming Soon.






This thread is not only here to submit your applications, you are welcome to ask any questions and we will glady answer them.


Edited by just do it bob1
I see you reading this spins, f*ck u :)
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just do it bob1

This Reply Will Be Used For Updates In The Future

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