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Anyone know if the physics are back to how they were?

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18 hours ago, YES IT'S ME ARTHUR said:

What game has better phisic?

Far cry 5 or AC O or gta 5

Big Rigs.


Just kidding. I haven't played Assassin's Creed Origins or Odyssey (you could've specified on that one), but I did play Far Cry 5. Ubisoft's physics tend to be very stiff when it comes to ragdolls. They don't flop around much when falling from high heights, just basically torpedo down to the ground, as I've seen from Far Cry 5, Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2. Not to mention that deaths in their games are a mix of animation + ragdoll, which you can clearly notice when an animation ends and the character flumps dead on the floor like all life was instantly sucked from them.


GTA V has really basic, dummied down euphoria physics. Sometimes the euphoria does work and you can see NPCs grasping for wounds or doing cool dynamic ragdoll features (play around enough in Director Mode and you might start seeing it). I say GTA V definitely has better physics.

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GTA V has dumbed down physics compared to RDR and IV but it's still better than the other open world games I've seen. 

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So after the leaks,what do you guys think of the physics?

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Lock n' Stock

They look similar enough to the original RDR, how much is hard to say (I'm trying not to watch too much leaked footage).


It looks better than GTA V anyway.

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It looks apparently similar to RDR, E.R.O and GTA 4 in some way.

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