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Types of people you can’t stand


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These are types of people I just cant stand and believe are annoying. As a matter of fact, these people are just as, if not more intolerable, than every annoying and dislikable GTA character, considering theyre actually real as opposed to fictional.


Heres my list:

1. Mainstream media

2. People who have the gall to insult another country or ethnic origin that they know nothing about.

3. Soccer moms

4. Stupid politicians and celebrities

5. Valley girls, dumb blondes, and bimbos

6. School

7. Bratty children

8. Bronies

9. Furries

10. People who resort to saying your mom, deez nuts, and your face as comebacks.

11. People who type like they're illiterate and shouldn't even be on a computer in the first place.

12. People who think they're better than everyone else and like to screw around with other people for no reason.


So..what about YOU GUYS?

Edited by ThatKyloRenGuy
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I can't stand myself.



Also people who don't use their turn signal and act like they're gonna melt if they so much as touch it

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make total destroy

1. your mom

2. your face

3. deez nuts ha

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I can't stand people who create topics for types of people you can't stand.

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How is "School" a type or person you can't stand? I've never heard someone referred to as a "School" type of person.

Edited by Shenmue18
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Types of people who can't stand - Viddy.

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1) People who don't say please, thankyou or just lack manners in general. A simple gesture goes a long way.


2) Tailgaters who feel it's necessary.to sit right behind you and because they're in a massive rush start honking their horn.


3) The old "I was just kidding" type people to hide behind malicious intent.


With regards to gaming...


1) K/D ratio braggers. It's one of the reasons I don't play many multiplayer games. No I don't care about your virtual dick pulling achievement.


2) Elitist PC gamers who look down on console players with their "PC masterrace" bullsh*t and console wars participants. At one time I used be apart of that crowd, but I now have various consoles because it just seems silly to be limited to one platform.


Of course it depends on the financial siutation, but the thought of being a Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo only guy in this day with so many great games and refusing to spread out to explore them due to blind brand loyality is ignorant IMO.

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Serious response time

1. People walking slowly on the street blocking the way
2. People who don't respect my boundaries (physical boundaries, my collision box)

3. Extremely extroverted people who won't shut up when I clearly don't feel like talking

Edited by BlackScout
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Evil empire

-Those who don't stop talking when they don't have anything interesting to say



-Those who are too cowardly and impolite to admit they're wrong even on petty matters because of their grotesque badly-placed pride


-Fascists, neo-nazis and all the extreme-right wing degenerates in general

-Without empathy

-Those who think they all the rights and no duty



I probably forgot some.

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chronic lumbago

- Edgelords. Nobody gives a f*ck about you.


- "Think about Africa/poor people" while throwing away or wasting food. I can't change poverty and I can't send them my leftovers in a package. Their situation sucks but I was born into this world without ever being destined to be in charge of how the world works. If I had the power, I'd change it right away.


- Vegetarians who try to talk me out of meat. Can't eat meat because you're ill or religious? No problem. Healthy person who doesn't want to eat meat because of morals? Sure, ok. But trying to talk me out of it? f*ck off.


- any gaming console fanboys ever.


- people who are assholes at work all the time. I understand if you have a bad day. I have those too. But stop being grumpy all the time. Give especially new workers a break.

Edited by fashion
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people who by the small electric cars like a prius and then proceed to drive them like they are ferrari's

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These are types of people I just cant stand


6. School







It's been pretty much covered in other posts here but for me it's impatient people. Not having the decency to say thank you when you do something for them or swerving into lanes to get somewhere faster. It's insane how there's so many people that are always rushing through life. Slow it down, turn the radio up and just relax. It does a big change in how your stress manifests itself. I mean, you grow "used" to being around people who just rush their way through traffic or get slightly annoyed at the guy at Subways for attending another sandwich than their own but the worst in the "Impatient People" category has got to be those that open up a dialogue. Say you're waiting in line to pay for stuff and there's a small gap between you and the person in front of you and the person behind you will tell you to move up. Like, you're still at the same spot in line, just a bit closer to the cash register. I'd hate to have someone like that in my life that wants to go-go-go all the time.


There's other types of people I dislike but not to the point of not being able to stand them.

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Backseat moderation

Also, remember that impatient people may have their own troubles. It isn't an excuse to sh*t on other people, yes, I know

For me it's Anxiety, it's difficult to control.

Edited by BlackScout
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People who don't recognize that we are all in this together.

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Also, remember that impatient people may have their own troubles. It isn't an excuse to sh*t on other people, yes, I know

I think about this a lot, especially when driving. Someone will tailgate me hard and the second I get out of their way they run into the 90's like there's no tomorrow. I've sped before, mostly to not be late at my job. Maybe they don't want to be late too or there's an emergency. The real dicks of the Impatient People group is those that obviously got nowhere to be like bitching at a waitress for not bringing them coffee.


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People who want to know what kind of things I can't stand. I mean, why the hell would I say that to anyone?

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I can't abide people who can't abide English laws. If they would abide these laws I could abide these people, but I can't.

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People who show off their stick legs with bootcuts or skinny pants.

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I prefer deciding things like this on an individual basis (instead of forcing people into groups).


If I were to choose my stance on a person by, what I would call, his worst traits, without as much as taking the positive ones in to consideration,

my outlook on people in general would be rather grim... "nobody's perfect".


Of course there are other variables, like the subconscious, going into that would be off topic (and admittedly not my field of expertise >brainlet wojak.jpg .)



Now, if the OP started with something like: "Which kinds of behavior put you off (the most)?"

I would answer:

  • lack of politeness...
  • ...and disregard for human dignity
  • passive aggressiveness...
  • ...and the forcing of thoughts / feelings on others
  • virtue signalling (The term often gets (ab)used by alt right - folks, but they love it (almost) as much as pc / sjw - people do: e.g. "why does NOBODY (!!1eleven) speak about [atrocity x]?! *sad face*".)...
  • ...and frequently expressing feelings of superiority (without ever putting the supposed superiority to good use) / arrogance based on arbitrary (or superficial) reasons
  • conformity as a substitute for reason
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