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GTA VC unhandled error


Go to solution Solved by zoombotrom,

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i recently purchased gta vice city for playing chain game........but after i installed it and ran the exe,it did not work and said *unhandled exception error c000005*


i use 64 bit which has some problems with VC


i have 16 gb ram with geforce gtx 1070 ti


is there a fix for this problem...........i tried running it on different compatibility modes but nothing works

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Hi is it a download of the game from Steam ? or a proper disk version of the game? i ask because i have a few copies of ViceCity being one of my favourite GTA's and i have not had an issue getting it to install on 64bit windows.

I have run it on 8 10 and i am currently running win7 again as i prefer it to 10.

Its the one GTA i have not had problems with GTA3 wouldnt run unless it was in compatability mode, San Andreas had to be run in admin mode, ViceCity has never given me issues.

error c0000005 is a generic one doesnt point to the real issue

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a disk version


i did not have any issues with GTA 3 or GTA SA

Edited by zoombotrom
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no mods installed,,it is a brand new game which did not even work once



i will try this method


Edit:when i put d3d8.dll in game folder i got a new error

*Application error (0xc0000142)

Edited by zoombotrom
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  • Solution

No more worries as i made another install and rebooted my PC now it works fine

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