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If you HAD to choose, who would you kill? (Spoilers)

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Imagine if there was no Deathwish choice; you had to kill Michael or Trevor, who would you choose?


For me, easily Michael. Not only has he had a past of being a snake.. setting up Trevor to be killed in North Yankton, but hes just got that selfish entitled attitude and many times in the dialogue you see him talking about himself all the time... just a self-centered dude. I dont hate him though; there are things I like about him and one of the reasons why I never killed him is because its too sad seeing him die right after he fixed his relationship with his family.


I wouldnt kill Trevor because Id feel way too bad. Its also so sh*tty seeing Michael help Franklin kill Trevor.... then Mike after helping him set up Trevors murder cant hang with Frank no more cause hes gone all Playboy X.

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Michael of course. Easy choice. I have one ending B save with %100 completion.


He is a liar and cheater. He betrayed everyone he knows.


Also after beating the campaign you don't have a reason to switch him.

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Trevor without any second thoughts. I already did that in my initial playthrough and if there was a choice to buy McKenzie Airport as any other protagonist I would do it again.

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Trevor was annoying with his attitude and stuff, he's a sociopath, and he killed Johnny Klebitz, but still, he was just hurt because Michael betrayed him (similar to CJ and Sweet/Ryder in GTA:SA). Notice how, if you pick to kill Michael, when Franklin calls Trevor he says how he's had enough of snakes in his life and stuff. After you kill Michael he never wants to hang out with you again.


Michael is a snake, and he would betray anyone. But he's got a family, and the betrayal in North Yankton was because he was scared that he was going to die + he had two kids who were young at the time (like 10-14). The phone call Michael gets from Amanda saying how Tracey got into college makes you know that you made a mistake. When you choose to kill Trevor, Michael accepts to help Franklin kill him without an ounce of guilt. In the ending when Michael mocks Trevor saying how he always liked gasoline, Franklin reminds Michael that Trevor was his best friend.


Now, after the storyline:

If you kill Michael, Jimmy and Trevor won't hang out with you, you don't get bonus cash from the last heist, etc.


If you kill Trevor, you can hang out with anyone, plus you get to split his cut in the heist between Franklin and Michael.



I'd pick Trevor, simply because he doesn't have family members or relatives, he's living a weird cheap life despite the fact he's rich and you can still hang out with anyone. Michael has a family that he fixed his relations with in the end, and him dying simply makes the game suck.


Still, C is the best option and the canon ending.

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Tao Cheng

Michael if the Dialogue wasn't poorly written and if the request wasn't done with Footy McClown.

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Franklin definitely, he is boring af. Michael and Trevor are memorable and better characters

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probably michael. mostly because i like trevor more. i do like michael too. and it would be hard to kill him especially after things are going good for him. his family life is better. tracy just got into college. he has a great job at the studio. but unfortunately if its him or trevor its gotta be michael.

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Posted (edited)

Franklin. He should've died in the Third Way when he goes to help Lamar and that moment when the game asks you to switch to Michael, a loud gunshot echoes through the speakers the moment you do. When Michael and Trevor get outside and kill the rest of the enemies, a cutscene plays as they go back to where Lamar and Franklin were, only to see Franklin dead and Lamar clicking the trigger of his empty gun on the guy who killed him, whom Lamar had long since killed.


Michael and Trevor put what lingering distrust and issues with one another aside to avenge Franklin, who died to save them both. Lamar would take Franklin's spot and kill Cheng and become playable afterwards.


Edit: Know the question is about Michael or Trevor, but their deaths don't fit in the story that they've written. Even though Ending A is plausible, it doesn't work. Franklin dying for them makes more sense. Although if I had to pick, I'd say Trevor. As much as I liked him, the world wouldn't lose anything if he died. At least Michael has a family to take care of.

Edited by LoganCarson

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In terms of story and morals I would have killed Trevor, Franklin has absolutely no reason to kill Michael also little reason to spare Trevor, Franklin killing Michael is totally out of place if it were the only end.


For gameplay reasons I would have killed Michael. Trevor is the better character none the less and he has the best dress :lol:

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I'd turn sh*t around and kill Franklin. Most annoying of the three. Useless whiny character that adds nothing to the story

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Lock n' Stock
Posted (edited)

Franklin. Why? There are times throughout the story where he seems pretty useless to be honest, and feels more like a bystander to all the sh*t going on between Michael and Trevor. It really would have been better if he'd had more hood-related missions.


Still, I don't hate any of them, so it would be pretty tough to choose.

Edited by Lock n' Stock

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Le biatch
Posted (edited)

Very simple, I would kill aunt Denise by throwing molotovs at her house. It would be like the mission from San Andreas "burning desire" but instead of saving Denise, she actually gets to taste the flames.


Notice she has a jersey with the numbers 88 on it. And Franklin was born in 1988.



Edited by Le biatch

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... there should always be a "third way" in the GTA universe, but if we're being hypothetical, I'd choose Trevor, because I know if for some stupid reason the conversation was literally "Hey, one of you two has to die,.... for story reasons...":


Trevor would likely volunteer so he could save Michael.

Michael would say "I can't let you do this T"

And then Trevor would find a way to take Michael by surprise and knock him out.

While Michael's passed out Trevor would probably say something like "And can't leave you for dead again Mikey. It's my turn this time"

I also don't think Trevor would just go quietly either.

He'd probably make Franklin set something up to make it look like he's gonna kill him, and then go on a suicide run.


Granted, he technically already DID leave him for dead after the second North Yankton scene, but I thought that portion of the story wasn't written well and seemed really out of character for Trevor.

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