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HELP! Sweet's rooftop problem!



The Tec9 is on the Sweet's rooftop


I Climb on the roof and hit the ledge, CJ instanly wasted!


I need a solution fast!

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4 answers to this question

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I forgot that the frame limiter off, that why!

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Yeah, this happens to me as well. Instead of using the wall with the Basketball ring, simply run up to the house on Sweet's right (the house in between Sweet's house and the Johnson house) and jump on the corner of the roof. If done correctly, CJ will have grabbed onto the roof, and climbed up. From here you can simply jump onto Sweet's house.

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Am Shaegar
Posted (edited)

Is this the glitch you are referring to?




I never had this issue, but based on the comments from youtube, the cause for the glitch seems to be the frame limiter, esp., if switched OFF.

Try playing with the frame limiter switched ON.


I am not totally sure whether Silent patch attempts to fix this issue or not, but you can try the patch, if the glitch still exists.

Edited by Am Shaegar

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Posted (edited)

The came glitches out because of the way it detects jumps. Structures like Sweet's house will trigger a glitch where the game thinks that you are falling from a great height. This all occurs instantly. If you had a mod like SAMP where your cause of death is shown, you would see that you died from a fall.


When you are wasted in Sweet's house,or the western part of Los Santos, you are taken to the County General Hospital. In this hospital, there are some small walls that surround the stairs in the middle. If you were to try to climb these small walls from the inside, you would die from the same glitch.


Also, for those who know Spanish, you should look up a YouTube user named Detenshion. He once made videos on this glitch and did plenty of experiments. His videos reveal more places and the conditions for those places in which the glitch is present.

Edited by Male01

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