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A MAP for GTA 6? (Gta San Andreas 2 Project)


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Hello/ Hi guys/Hi eveytone
everyone !

Today I am happy to come back to you to come to light my last project gta !

It has been one moment since I work above, and I am finally ready to reveal it to you.

Before beginning, I am conscious that certain similar project went out previously, but I quite even wish to try to convince you, by bringing it some novelties and of numerous reference in old Opuses of GTA.

Let me explain :

I worked the latter on a concept of map for GTA 6, by basing me on the interview of Leslies The Benz, which explained that RockstarGames reflected to combine possibly the cities of all the games GTA.

I thus have further to that, to decide to imagine the map, by taking back not only all the cities of the old opuses, the remasterized the map of GTA SA, and naturally, I resumed some references of striking places of the old games.

Cities available on my fictitious map are:

SAN FIERRO Remasterised HD (GTA SA)
LAS VENTURAS Remasterised HD ( GTA SA)
VICE CITY Remasterised HD (GTA VC).

Without forgetting symbolic sectors of the map of GTA SA such as:


In which the numerous myths were born at the time of GTA SA.

I also integrated into my map, the ghost town of " LAS BRUJAS " available in GTA SA, and the Sherman DAM.

And Points of interets major as :

• El castillo del diablo (GTASA BONE COUNTRY)
• Arco del oeste (GTASA BONE COUNTRY)
• Valle ocultado (GTASA BONE COUNTRY)
• Zone 69 ( Parodie of Zone 51)
• Escobar international airport ( GTA VC)
• The highly-rated districts of Las Venturas and Vice City.

And naturally the famous US ROAD 69 ! (Parodie of Road 66).


Furthermore I did not content with resuming already existing elements, I added two cities and two additional countries which can be very interesting to exploit for a scenario in GTA.

Mexico City (For Latino Gang, and traffics etc.)

• Magdalena City (Parody of the city of pablo to escobar : Medellin, For the Cartel Colombians, or the important drug trafficking).

I think that the addition of its two cities, can given by numerous opportunities to RockstarGames to create completely crazy scenario!

Furthermore, I think that he could be interesting for us players, to visit landscapes varied, and atmospheres different, in the same way as we had had him in GTA SA! Nostalgia Obliges.

For the most curious of you, me puts you an overview HD of my map, as well as a video detailing all the information to be known additional.

FULL MAP HD (5000x3533) :











Do not hesitate to express your opinion, and to share at the most if that pleases you so that Rockstar Games can see him(it) and can be to be inspired by it !


Edited by RealityDesign
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Hate to lock something that looks as nice as this, but we have a mapmaking thread for just this sort of stuff - please share it there :santa:




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