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RDR2 Press Previews - 3rd May 2018


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Information taken from IGN's preview articles

New screenshots from IGN can be seen here




Arthur is the gang's "chief enforcer" and Dutch's right hand man


This is "Arthur's story" - single protagonist confirmed?


Arthur is made of muscle and provides the camp with food and supplies - he can "pick up a 5 point buck"


Arthur can act as a mediator between brawling gang members


Bill Williamson is whiny and wants to prove himself


Arthur puts the gang first - they're family and the closest to family he's ever known


Arthur was brought under Dutch's wing from a "young age" - age and circumstances not known - making him one of the few Dutch trusts


RDR2 chronicles the "fall and fracture" of the gang


Arthur is having an existential crisis


RDR2 focuses heavily on player choice for the story and missions - " “We try to give you options within a lot of these missions to choose how you approach it, whether you'll send your buddies in first or whether you'll go in first,” says Rob Nelson, Co-Studio Head at Rockstar North, speaking to how players choices can affect interactions and missions."


It is player choice how Arthur interacts with the gang - he can hunt and explore alone, or he can keep the camp fed and supplied


Interacting with the gang can earn job and mission invites


Unknown yet if these choices affect narrative, but they will affect gameplay, but cutscenes can change depending how much Arthur helps the gang


Between Redemption and Redemption II: “It’s a companion piece,” Rob Nelson, co-studio head of Rockstar North, tells me. “They exist together. They’re connected. There’s a lot of connective tissue between the two stories and lots of characters that you’ve seen before that you’ll see again.”


IGN saw a 45 minute demo - Bill needs Arthur's help on a small bank job in the town of Valentine


RDR2 is technically a standalone and you don't need to have played Redemption to get the story


Every NPC has a purpose in the world with work schedules


Arthur's actions are connected to the world as Rockstar want players to live as him, not just play as him


Home is the gang's camp, a living breathing community


New gang members seen in the demo - Sean McGuire, Pearson (camp cook), Lenny, Karen


Every gang member has a job within the community, such as cleaning clothes, collecting wood, which players will see happen naturally


Gang spirits are higher if Arthur keeps the community well-fed through hunting or buying supplies


If gang food is low, members get angry and start muttering about Arthur


Camera doesn't cut away during interactions


Rockstar is "blurring the lines" between main missions and side quests


Missions and side questions are contextual i.e. depend on time of day and who you are with


How NPCs react to Arthur depends on his choices in the world - each interaction offers a choice


An example of choice seen when meeting an NPC was "Greet" or "Antagonise" and these dynamically change


HUD was mostly switched off for the demo


NPCs also react to how Arthur conducts himself within the world i.e. travelling with gun drawn or holstered makes a difference


Farmers won't like Arthur travelling too close to their lands


IGN witnessed Arthur looting from a nearby fisherman - fisherman's dog raised warning


Arthur can choose how to deal with situations if caught stealing or commiting a crime - peacefully or forcefully


Bounty for murder is higher than robbery


Demo was set in an area called New Hanover


Wildlife is rich - birds, deer, fireflies, bears, rabbits seen in the demo


Horses are vastly improved - your horse is your companion rather than transport


Arthur can bond with his mount - calming it when agitated, feeding it, grooming it


Strong bonds with your horse can result in calmer personality


Untrained horses are unpredictable


Horses stay put when dismounting


You can whistle for horse but only if you're nearby


Horses carry supplies and larger weapons


Different horse breeds have different personalities reacting to the environment and situations


When hunting, Arthur can tie trophies to his horse or skin them first


Skinning animations and sounds return


Weapon seen in demo - bow and arrow for hunting


Arthur can crouch when hunting


Animal distress sounds are "brutal, bloody and exceptionally unpleasant" when hunting


Dead animals left on the ground from the hunt decay over time so should be returned to camp


When selling meat to butchers, you'll get more money for better quality i.e. less decay or less gun shot debris


Other characters can ask Arthur what direction to complete the mission in


Dead Eye returns and is mostly similar to Redemption in the demo


The map is a large world sprawling from snowy wastelands in the north to swamps in the south with a city in-between


No details of multiplayer were shared

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Info taken from Telegraph preview



Arthur drops to his haunches to contemplate during player inactivity

During the demo heist, Karen asks Arthur how to "behave" as a distraction

A glimpse into Rockstar's perfection "“But the fact is, we don’t want to be better than anyone else. We want to be better than ourselves.”"

Arthur can interact with every character he comes across

There is no break between story and gameplay so players feel they are living as Arthur

Players might find Arthur disagreeable at first but will get to understand him and his motives

Arthur is a rough man but his actions speak louder and he has a moral "code" - suffering is unncessary if it can be avoided

RDR2 has the honour system and affects the environment as before

The world can be as hostile or as friendly as the player choses to play

Every area of the map has a unique identity and seamlessly blends into one another

Foliage has been hand-crafted and hand-placed

Horses kick up dust, snow and mud depending on terrain

Environmental sounds are vastly improved

Flies can be heard buzzing around

Arthur can find travellers on the road - lawmen, rival gangs, compatriots

Some parts of the HUD were seen and it is completely customisable - all details can be removed

Circular HUD map returns

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Spanish info translation from @arno_cat from Hobby Consolas


Thanks arno!




This only contains stuff IGN didn’t mention


- Arthur’s actions will have impact in story / environment.


- “An epic story about honor and loyalty”


- They didn’t talk about Red Dead being a videogame, “the landscapes have become places to visit”


- The environment is a completely organic ecosystem never seen before in a videogame.


- It’s the biggest and most dense map in all Rockstar’s games


- Arthur is the only playable character


- The footprints our horse makes can become puddles if it rains.


- The animal corpses will rot and the smell will attract predators.


- We will see how the railroad grows and connects more towns


- Arthur can be customized. Sometimes his clothes may change because the mission requires to.


- They saw Arthur with an elegant moustache (so it’s pretty much confirmed that you can customize your facial hair)


- Same mission as the IGN team (bank robbery at Valentine)

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French info from Jeuxactu, translated by @Heelph! Thank you!




Here is some info from Jeuxactu.com first-look and interview with Rob Nelson.


- Point of view has been closer. Camera will change depending on what you doing (shooting, hunting, etc.). No words if the camera can be changed manually.


- Camps will need to be supplied with food, money, etc. More supplies there is, more the Dutch's men will be happy. If you don't provide what asked, it will be the opposite. This will not directly impact the storyline, but you will be rewarded if you do so.


- They will be activities at camps.


- They will be killcams.


- If you lose your hat on a shooting, you will be able to grab it back or you will need to buy a new one (it will not respawn later).


- You can go on houses, open the drawers, take the jewels. Jump on a moving train, rob a bag, etc.


- Hair and facial hair grows over time, you will need to cut them if you want. You can chose to cut only chin, moustache, etc. But if you do so, you will have to wait until they grow back to do another cut.


- No Native American.


- You can whistle to call your horse, but it will only work if it is nearby.


- Horses carry reserves and heavier weapons.


- Many animals are present in the game, including birds, deer, fireflies, bears and rabbits.


That's all I found interesting, after that it's more or less the same as the other previews.

If I made spelling/typo mistakes, do not hesitate to correct me.

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German preview


taken from GamePro.de


  • New people will join the gang as the story progresses. Players can’t recruit new members freely in the game world (would not lead to bonding with fellow gang members, which they do want to encourage)
  • Arthur Morgan is the only playable character
  • The story is centred around Arthur but also closely linked to the development of the Van Der Linde gang (there will also be internal conflicts within the gang)
  • The gang camp is a permanent retreat and serves as the player’s homebase
  • With a press of a button you could talk with whomever within the camp at any camp
  • The abovementioned interactions can/do lead to organic activities and missions
  • Player’s horse will play a more important rule in RDR2 than in RDR
  • Horse serves as a “mini hub” for various activities
  • Game world is “much bigger” than its predecessor (How much bigger they couldn’t get him to disclose)
  • In the New Hanover area people mainly live off livestock
  • Game world is very detailed. Early in the demo a flock off sheep complete with dog and shepherd cross the road Arthur is on
  • Arthur’s shoulder bag moved with each movement whilst he was on horseback
  • How the horse will move will change depending on the surface area
  • Arthur rides through a burned down forest in the demo hich according to the the dev is ‘uniquely crafted’
  • Many dynamic events going on: At one point a bunch of people pulling up the walls to build a ranch were spotted. Which according to the dev may very well become a finished house later on. (real sense of progression of time?)
  • Highlight of the trailer for them was the wildlife: with frogs leaping besides the riverbanks, ducks flying across the air and a burned down home infested with bats
  • Animals will hunt / scavenge (for instance vultures will scavenge prey left out in the open
  • There's a limit to what the horse can carry (no magical endless pockets)
  • When pressing left trigger and talking to an NPC background will blur a bit and several dialogue options will appear: giving the player the option to threaten but also use other ways to compel the NPC
  • Valentine (the setting for the bank heist) is quintessentially Wild West with a muddy Main Street and a sheriffs office, a saloon, shop and a bank lining the street
  • Weapons selected via a weapon wheel
  • Weapons can be upgraded


Some more details courtesy of @TheExecutor10


- someone in the camp plays guitar

- you can whistle to attract or distract animals and people

- the whole gameplay presentation contained no cutscenes, they were in control all the time, but it felt very cinematic and narrative-driven nonetheless

- there is a kill-cam highlighting great kills in slow-motion

- you can, even without deadeye, shoot a whole magazine in a few seconds (new gameplay mechanic)

- gunplay feels more mature and forceful in comparison to previous R* titles

- Sheriffs talk to you randomly if they suspect you will cause trouble and ask you to be law-abiding

- people will give you probs if you have a great dead animal on your horse

- people may banish you from their property (in contrast to RDR where you could even kill their animals xD)

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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Some more (translated) quotes from the Jeuxactu interview:


Character switching:


"Yes, we thought about it and we decided that there would be no switch in the game. This is the story of Arthur Morgan and the player will stay with Arthur during his adventure, which is a strong character . We liked the switch system in GTA V and we had a lot of fun with it, maybe we will do it again with another game, but in Red Dead Redemption 2, you are this man and you will share his adventure"


Horse and NPC behaviour and a little detail:


"I have observed an incredible amount of small details that maybe some players will not see, or pay attention to, like the fact that Arthur Morgan shakes his glass to dry it before putting it in his bag, that an NPC puts his hand on his gun in suspicion when Arthur Morgan gets closer to him, the horse that takes small steps on the side to avoid an obstacle, that it is necessary to calm him if this one is panicked after hearing a shot… "


Mission design tidbits:


"We have done a great deal of work on this aspect, our goal being to limit the differences between the missions of the main campaign and the other quests. It is important that these be seen as both fun and varied activities, while remaining consistent from Arthur's point of view.
Everything must appear natural, without any transition or lag, to reinforce the sense of immersion and connection between each mission. For example, in the camp, a simple conversation with an NPC can result in a bank robbery, or reveal important details about the story, background, and thus trigger a new mission that the player may want to do"
Dead Eye
"The Dead-Eye has been improved and now includes features that we will unveil later. During the robbery mission that we showed you, you could see that the Dead-Eye could be triggered automatically when leaving the bank, but also by the player during horse pursuits to mark the targets."



Thanks @Jason!


GTANet | Red Dead Network | 🌲

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And last but not least, here we have translated Italian info from Everyeye by @Metalz. Thanks!

Here are the main informations taken straight from Everyeye's preview, hope you like it.

  • Set in 1899, at the end of the golden age of gunslingers, with cities starting to grow, natives brought back to order and the first cars coming from Boston and New York
  • Arthur Morgan is the protagonist of this new adventure and he serves in Dutch's gang
  • The premises with which the adventure begins are two: On the one hand the sense of defeat and the perception of the end; on the other, Dutch's obstinacy and his willingness to hold on, to start again, to return "fighting" because in the end "this is his nature"
  • Arthur Morgan is a very prominent member of the gang and he shares everything with the other members
  • The gang's base is a traveling bivouac that moves between various territories of the West, and in which Arthur will meet his fellow adventurers. Here we can plan train robberies, city banks raids, or hunting trips to replenish camp food supplies.
  • According to the developer: "Come back to this area after a while and find this building completed and in operation", also adding "Red Dead Redemption 2's world is, in some ways, evolving, in which railways will be built and the towns will expand"
  • It's not yet time to talk about Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer
  • Animals' bodies must be picked up and brought back to the encampment in time, else they'll rot and attract flies.
  • Rockstar is focusing alot on realism
  • The horse has now a much more important role, as it can carry heavy weapons and animals' bodies, but at the same time we'll need to be close to it in order to call him by whistling
  • "We wanted to do more, to fuel other ideas, to propose something really new, so we rewrote entire sections of our engine from scratch, working more consistently on an aspect that for too long had been 'stuck' on standards a bit outdated: artificial intelligence".
  • Arthur can talk and interact with every single NPC that he can meet in the game world. Although we can't choose what to say, we can select our attiture towards them
  • Arthur doesn't want to end his outlaw life at all, and this is why he decided to partecipate in the bank robbery with which the game begins
  • Missions can take a different turn depending on how the player acts during them
  • The aiming system seemed similar to GTA's, although the developer has confirmed new control mechanics.
  • The demo ran on a regular PS4 at 1080p resolutom
  • "The musical notes seem to change by taking into account an impressive number of factors, alternating melancholic notes at sunset with almost painful chords as we pass through a village destroyed by flames"
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But wait... there's more!


A full translation of the German GamePro.de article courtesy of @Xayah



Someone asked, so i translated the GamePro article into english as best as i could, this took me two hours:


Intense Story with Gang focus

Throughout the game, more and more people will join the gang. Recruiting freely in the open world yourself however is not possible, because according to Rob Nelson "the grade of relationship to these people couldn't be assured". After all, Arthur has to build a relationship with every gang member, with random NPCs, that would be hard.
It's also not possible to switch characters, cuz other than in gta 5, Arthur will be the only playable character in RDR2. Rob Nelson said to this: "It's Arthur's Story and i think we have convincing reasons to stay with him". The story of Arthur Morgan is therefore the focus, which is also strongly connected to the Van der Linde Gang, in which there are - atleast indicated - internal conflicts too.


The nature as star
The gameplay presentation starts with Arthur's face zoomed in, then the camera swings around to show a beautiful panorama. From the cliff, on which the gang camps on, you have a nice view into the distance which instantly gives us an impression of the huge open world. A whole different world than gta 5's, because here our eye isn't interrupted with huge buildings, in RDR2, nature is the star. Below, a glittering lake wriggles through the valley, in a small forest next to it the smoke of a campfire curl into the sky. Our look literally sticks to this western idyll and can only release when Arthur turns to the gang's camp direction.
The camp in the game is a constant retreat and feels homely in the demo, here we also get a first glance at the huge detail in the game. While our outlaw buddy is playing guitare at the campfire, others talk about the last robbery. At the press of a button we could theoretically speak with everyone here, but now it pulls us to the cook of the camp, Pearson, who tells us that he needs meat.
Next to the traditional main and side quests, the care of the gang is also in the foreground, which leads to Arthur going on exploring tours for money, items and natural produce in the surroundings. Rob Nelson says to this: "To make the story credible and realistic, you have to believe that you live with the gang". To see your colleagues only in side quests and apart from that travel alone in the world would be damaging to the story, that's why Arthur can interact with anyone in the camp. Sometimes smaller activities like fishing or robbing with your gang members happen as an result.
Atleast as important as the gang is Arthur's horse, which has a more important role than in the first game. You can store weapons and dead animals on it. In the final game, there will be various breeds with different personalities. Experiences with your horse will also improve its speed and endurance. Arthur jumps onto the saddle and rides to get meat for the gang.


Detail fireworks
The open world will be much bigger than the first one according to Rob Nelson, but we couldn't get more out of him about this. Names of places are also rare in the presentation, but there will be an area called "New Hanover", in which people survive of cattle breeding. And the town where you will commit a bank robbery is called "Valentine". Also confirmed are swamps, snowy mountain region and prairies.
But the world isn't just huge, it's also scary engaging because of the liveliness and the nearly endless love to detail. For example, rather early in Arthur's ride, a flock of sheep with shepherd and dog appear infront of you, the sky reflects in muddy puddles, high grass and cracking trees sway in the wind. And when Arthur rides down a slope, sliding pebbles which results in a small boulder avalanche are caused by the horseshoe. In Arthur's tattered shirt we can see many small holes, a sling bag bobs up and down at every move, and the gear of the horse dynamically adjusts as we ride in mud, water or snow.
Arthur continues to ride through a burnt down forest part and an abandoned settlement, places that will stay in your mind because they are "hand-crafted", as Rob Nelson says. This increases credibility and immersion in the world, which you can explore as your heart wishes. At a river bank, Arthur finds a camp of a fisher which he loots two chests and killed ducks from. Additionally, dynamic elements and events are part of the world. One time for example, we can see some workers pulling up walls, and when we asked Rob Nelson he confirmed that later a house can definitely appear at this spot.
Absolute highlight for us though is the wildlife. Throughout Arthur's ride we can see foxes running through woods, frogs jumping around in river banks, ducks flying away when we ride too close, bats flying out of a burnt house and the jackpot is the grizzly attacking us which Arthur escapes barely. RDR1 had 38 animal species, RDR2 will surely beat this with for example alligators in the swamps. But the wildlife isn't just varied, it also interacts with each other much more refined. For example, you can watch animals on the hunt or vultures eating leftovers of dead animals.

Hunting luck with shock moment

Not just wolves, cougars etc. hunt other animals in the world, of course we also can, which brings us back to Arthur's task. Two rabbits are victims of Arthur's revolver. Now the outlaw has the choice of either taking the rabbit to the gang as a whole or pulling off its skin in a brutal animation. The skin can be sold to dealers. But two rabbits aren't enough for a whole gang, so Arthur sneaks around to hunt some deers. To not destroy the skin, you can switch to the new bow. Also cool: Arthur can whistle by pressing a button to get attention from animals and enemies. The deer gets hit with an arrow between his rib as he turned around and looks to us.
But then the shock. The deer isn't dead, it lays down and screams in pain. The few seconds which Arthur needs to end it all with his knife feels like an eternity to us. Later we ask Rob Nelson if it's possible to kill the animal without it suffering. "Of course you can, you just need to spend some time learning the animal's critical points".
Surprised by the weight of this scene, we watch Arthur placing the deer on his horse and riding back to the gang. By the way, the HUD is completly disabled during the whole presentation. Rockstar also put great detail into here, if we leave a dead animal laying around for too long, it starts to rot and attracts flies.


Talk or shoot?

The liveliness of the world should put every other open-world game to rest. Persons we meet in our journey can still be shot out of their saddle, but we get more possibilities this time. It's more interesting to talk to an NPC by pressing the left trigger. The background becomes a bit blurred and we are presented many dialog options. For example, we can threaten him or persuade him with other ways to get his money or his carriage.
This also works the other way round, for example when a sheriff tries to talk to us first before causing a huge chaos. Overall it's very impressive how NPCs react to Arthur in the demo. A farm owner tries to scare us away with cursing, the dog of a fisher barks at us when we search their tent and a horseman gives us respect when he sees our recently hunted animal.


Bank robbery with options

Back in the camp Arthur delivers the deer to Pearson and joins Bill Williamson, Lenny Arthur and a woman called Karen again. Their goal: The bank in a small town called Valentine. The gang jumps on their horses and ride along, this time through a green landscape, in which we can see a train in the distance. While they are riding, they have many conversations like in the first RDR. Actually, the most conversations are mid-gameplay, but cutscenes are still part of the game. Valentine itself looks like Armadillo with a wild-west cliche: crooked wooden signs, a big muddy main road, dealers, a saloon and - the bank.
Karen is the decoy and enters the bank first, but we can decide what method she will use (either innocent, disoriented girl or a drunk troublemaker). We choose the second option and follow her with revolvers in our hands. In the bank, screams, we beat a bank employee into the safe room. Here we also have two options, either we slowly break it open or use the faster method which is to blow it open. Rob Nelson confirms: "We want the player to have as many options as possible, but also only those that make sense to Arthur at the moment".


Adjusted gunplay

When Arthur blew open the safe and tries to get away with his gang, the sherif and officers wait outside to stop them. A huge shoot-out happens and Arthur guns down one by one. According to Rob Nelson, the gunplay was hugely improved, while still being close to the one from the first game. The Dead-Eye system aswell as the cover system are back.
New is that you can now shoot rapidly in normal game speed too, some kills are even shown in slow-motion, like in Max Payne 3. Other than that, we can see revolvers, rifles and shotguns which we can choose in the same ring menu as in the first game, we can also see their stats and upgrade them too.


At the end of the presentation, Rob Nelson confirms that the demo was shown on a standard ps4 and that ps4 pro and xbox one x are supported, specific enhancements aren't mentioned.

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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IGN: How Rockstar Is Making Its Open Worlds Even Better



  • Work on RDR2 began 8 years ago.
  • The objective is to create a world that feels like it exists independently of the player.
  • The design principle of the game is that "the real world runs on a schedule".
  • Your gang has jobs assigned to each member, everyone has a routine they go through every day.
  • The camps are going to be mobile as people are pushed through the world.
  • A cook prepares the food for the gang members, calls for them to go eat, they go over, get food, sit down and eat it - "there is a food chain".
  • The endgame is to create a world inhabited by characters who exist independently of you - people will have conversations amongst themselves that will branch depending on your involvement.
  • You get to see little interactions between gang members (bitching at each other, etc.) that give you more information about who they are as characters.
  • RDR2 evolves the concept of GTA V's basic pedestrian conversations, by reappropriating the lock-on system, which is now used to interact with other characters in ways much more complex than just shooting them.
  • When you lock-on, each of the buttons on the controller will offer contextual behaviours. You will be able to greet, antagonise or rob a stranger without drawing your weapon - but these options can change if you choose to be violent.
  • Rockstar wants the player to feel the responsibility of Arthur's position within the gang - he must provide for them, but at the same time Rockstar doesn't want it to feel laborious, striking a balance between realism and fantasy.
  • Small kills like rabbits are preserved in your satchel because from a design standpoint, it became too annoying having small kills going rotten.
  • Your horse can die. It can become seriously injured and you may have to heal it with the right tools. If you fail to give it the medicine in time, it will die.
  • No summoning horses suddenly. "Things have to cost something to mean something."
  • Missions have a lot more choice into them - in the demo bank robbery, you can choose to do it quietly or not, and that will have a different outcome when you get out of the bank. Not only that, but the law may or may not be there when you go out, or they may show up later. There's plenty of options wherever you go.
  • You may choose to take care of your gang constantly, or to go away for a while, but this will bring consequences - you will be treated differently by the gang.
  • RDR2 is a worldwide effort, it will be a Rockstar Games production and not a San Diego or North production.


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Some info from Italy's Everyeye Q&A translated by @Metalz :^:



Ok, I just finished watching this video and here are the most important informations that I could extract:

  • RDR2's story uses Arthur Morgan as mean to narrate not only Morgan's but also the whole gang's story. In fact, the main focus of the story is van der Linde's gang.
  • Every member of the gang takes an important role into the story. The majority of the missions are sent by gang member themselves.
  • If you don't havbe any more space on your horse, you can store animal skins in your own inventory and sell them at any shop, though its capacity is very limited.
  • NPCs intractions in RDR2 are much more complexes than the ones we can find in GTA V. Some will try to con Arthur, fill us with chatter, gold diggers will ask him to leave and gunslingers will extract their guns and point Arthur telling him to turn away
  • They consider these interaction between NPCs and the main character the next step of RDR1's random events, as every encounter in RDR2 marks start of a short, dynamic and unpredictable story.
  • The city bank heist started randomly when, after entering the gang hideout, a member convinced Arthur to take part in that job with other 3 gang members.
  • There was no pre-rendered cutscene during the whole demo.
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@Metalz bringing us more info from Italy's Everyeye:



Just finished watching this other video by Everyeye and here are some more informations about the game etc.

  • They've been working on this new AI for 6 years.
  • No info yet about difficulty levels.
  • Trains carry weapons and can be raided.
  • They're quite confident that we'll get another 2 previews or so focusing more on the story and, lastly, multiplayer (hands-on too). They also expect R* to show some RDR2 gameplay soon (around late June-early July).
  • We can find prostitutes in our gang's camp, and Arthur can interact with them.
  • There was only one loading screen (although it was very short) during the whole demo, at it was when they entered the bank.
  • Duels are back
  • They can't confirm any swimming mechanic.
By the way, during the next few days (this weekend hopefully) we'll get a more in-depth look at Dutch's gang and more previews next week, including another interview.


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  • 2 months later...

@arno_cat details more extra information from this month's Spanish Hobby Consolas magazine.


2 hours ago, arno_cat said:

Hobbyconsolas preview translated

As you may know RDR2 is the cover for the Spanish game magazine Hobbyconsolas. The preview is basically talking about things we already knew and they saw back in march. However here there are some interesting things I haven't read before:


-Arthur was adopted by Dutch when he was a kid, that's why he considers the gang as a family.

After the failed robery in Blackwater, the gang is forced to escape from federal agents and bounty hunters across pressumanly three states.


-The gang feels like a real human group. We can form bonds with them.


-The honour level you have will have different consecuences in the game


-The map is the most complex and extense map Rockstar has ever made. The magazine literally says "vaster than Los Santos". It's the most detailed map they've ever made.


-If we forgive someone's life, he may give some help later in the game or try to kill us instead


-We can feed, brush or calm horses when they are scared


-After we kill someone it could randomly trigger a deathcam and slow motion sometimes


-If we don't shoot an animal in the head the meat/skin could be ruined


-Dynamic Soundtrack


-Heists are an essential part of the game


-The guy who wrote the article says that he thinks (in his opinion) we won't see gameplay footage atleast until the release week. (In my opinion we definitely will)


- Okay so this is interesting: Due to all the rockstar divisions working in this game, other properties like Max Payne, Midnight Club or even GTA are "currently stopped"


Sorry for my English, it's not my first Language. Also, really really really thanks to @hunterswhip, since he send me the scanned pictures of the magazine to my email! Thanks dude!



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Translation of GameStar's preview, locked behind a paywall, by @TheExecutor10



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