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26 floor building burns and collapses in São Paulo

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A building owned by the federal government collapsed after a fire on the fifth floor. It was 26 floors high and occupied illegally by 90 families 248 people lived there and dozens are still missing.


It fell when a firefighter was rescuing a person and it was caught on video. Images are hard.






It seems to be MST (Movimento Sem Terra) who occupied the building. This group is in favor of our imprisoned ex-president Lula da Silva.

Edited by Inttelix

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Short Stay

What can be said about such horror?


Sadly, when I see things like this I tend to think "Well, that's what happens in the Third World*"


Then I remember the Grenfell Tower disaster.



*does Brazil still count as Third World?

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Evil empire

It's horrible.

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I passed a few blocks away from this place a day before the fire, and it's pretty sad to see that. The building was occupied by a group of ~90 homeless families, and probably most couldn't get out in time.


Among the destroyed buildings was a church built in 1908. Luckly this happened during the night on a Brazilian holiday, if this happened any normal work day this place would be packed with commuters and workers.


Descanse em Paz to the people who died on this tragedy.

Edited by DOUGL4S1

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What can be said about such horror?


*does Brazil still count as Third World?

It was an abandoned government building. The occupants had all the garbage thrown in the elevator shaft, clandestine power, gas canisters spread all around with no fire department approval. Resuming, the building was seized long time ago 20 years ago the elevators were shut down and removed homeless people invaded and have lived there.


The people who live in these conditions are funded by our ex-president Lula and his MST organization. In my city there is at least 5 buildings in the same situation. All are occupied by Lula's activists and organizations.


And no Brazil does not count as third world. I do not think Brazil count as anything not even fifth world.



New news just heard: the building had apartments and they were rented. The rent money went to fees for garbage collecting and for janitor and concierge that were hired. The building also had resident passes to identify those who lived there. Unbelievable someone used their brain to extort money from people who are almost homeless on a illegal occupation.

Edited by Inttelix

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