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Things to do for completionists in GTA 1

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So, I'm sure there are people out there who like to play their games to the max and do everything there is to be done, myself included. For such persons, it's great to have a list of all the possible things to do in the game. I will list here the things I feel are essential to fully complete the game, but if you can think of something more then feel free to post them!


-Complete all missions and kill frenzies in each chapter (in one go or not)


-Collect all weapons and other pickups like multipliers from crates (there are maps available)


-See all different Pager-messages (they will randomly appear throughout the game, based on location and sometimes time spent in the game)


-View each info-pickup around the map (Almost all are in Liberty City)


-Collect all kill frenzy-based rewards (GTA-shaped boxes in San Andreas, rewards you can get after kill frenzy from certain locations in Vice City)


-Complete each different bonus at least once, like Insane Stunt Bonus (There are many unique bonuses in certain missions, GTA-wiki can help with them)


-Drive every vehicle at least once, including train and all possible variations of vehicles such as Firetruck (possible in PC only)


-Use every different protagonist at least once and unlock all chapters with each one (this could be optional as they all are practically identical in the game)


-Enter all rigged vehicles in Vice City (each has a unique message)


-Sell all different possible vehicles to the docks in mint condition for full payment (some vehicles like Pickup and Penetrator have two different variations so sell each variation)


-Try to extract all possible dialogue out of every mission by completing and failing in different ways etc (really optional, there's tons of different lines for the missions that can be seen in files)

Edited by TommyTheMan
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Put in all cheats.


Use the "IAMGARYPENN" cheat and play through the first 2 chapters. From what I see only these 2 are affected.

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Oh yes, I have used that cheat and noticed the same thing too, pretty odd... Would have suited Samuel Deever with his already colorful language.

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