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MDPMv5 (speakers vibrating with bass)

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Directional Music to Trunk v5 (Musica Direcional ao Porta-Malas - MDPMv5), which is being far beyond this name...
This should be the first time in history that a 3D game features automotive sound with speakers vibrating with the current bass of the music.


Watch it in 720p60 for 60 FPS, or it will be unrealistic.

Enable English subtitles.

Yes, this cleo mod for GTA San Andreas created by me (@Junior_Djjr) and @fabio3 uses an algorithm that measures the frequencies of the music and transforms into the movement of the speaker, thus simulating a loudspeaker vibrating according to the music, including differentiating subwoofer from woofer.


Includes remote control and a nice on-screen music player, which can be fully customizable or download new skins. You can also move it, change size and hide it whenever you want.


After the success of the MDPMv4 which was for several years the second and third most downloaded mod in MixMods, the idea of what MDPMv5 would be started in 2012, where all the videos together yielded almost 1 million views even with my channel not being famous.
Automotive sound is something loved in Latin America. Several people said to return to play GTA SA just to test this mod.



Attention: With the arrival of the Tuning Mod v3 you simply install speaker that will automatically work! — works only on pre-adapted speakers, such as the Pack BMS Sound v3.1.

It can be either an automotive sound mod or a simple custom music player. You can change or turn off bass boost in addition to 2 different 3D effect modes.

Compatible with: .mp3 | .wav | .ogg | .aiff | .mp4 | .flac | .m4a | .aac | .3gp | .wma
Multimedia keyboard support.




Version: v5.1 RC2 - 16/03/19 (DD/MM/YY)


‎Author: Junior_Djjr

.asi and support: Fabio
Special thanks: Shmoopy (for helping to resurrect the idea), K.b.sa (anims); HybridTheory (Spanish translation of .ini); ArtututuVidor$ (tests)


English & Português & Español



Powered by Un4seen.

Edited by Junior_Djjr
how can this forum's editor be SO bad??

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Nice, guess it will be nice alternative for original User Track Player?

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Nice, guess it will be nice alternative for original User Track Player?

Yes but not all. You can configure to play the original sound of the song (3DMode = 2). In this way, you will hear the exactly sound, but lowering the volume when distancing from the vehicle.

And if you want realism, there's directional mode (3DMode = 1), which makes the sound bad, mono, but more realistic (default).

Also a bass boost setting if you don't like it.
And the best: it supports several formats, including .flac, but only in "3DMode = 2".
Edited by Junior_Djjr

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How I created this?

First, the get current bass level of the song is something ridiculously obvious: if you create a spectrum, you already have the bass level (just read the low frequencies value).

With a little research you learn how to turn the Hz of sound into intensity level that each speaker responds (subwoofer or woofer, where woofer varies a lot, but I focused on 12" / 15" woofers)

The problem is: how the f*ck we can simulate the speaker excursion?

In the beginning (6 years ago) the box and speaker were map objects attached in the car,


I was a sh*t in coding (and modding in general) and had no knowledge in 3D modeling. I also didn't know how speakers works (I thought a beat make speaker swing, wtf?)

I imagined that it would be necessary for you to record a sequence of beats and whenever you play that song, that sequence will be played, but this would easily lose the synchronization (not really, just use the current progress of the song, but anyway, I was noob).

, simply horrible things that embarrass me today.

When I finally learn how to control the actual objects of the model (RwFrame, RpAtomic etc), thanks to @Wesser that gave the kickstart for this, I could use them instead of map objects, and mainly have a good control over the scale.

At the same time with better understanding of 3D modeling, creating Tuning Mod (which manipule models a lot), starting to make music and learn how speakers work, I had to the idea of using a pivot in front of the cone/suspension of the speaker, so when I scale it, the back part go back and forth.

Still using keys to vibrate, but everything was easily solved soon


The result was great, I finally have a realistic excursion much like a real speaker.

Now, just scale one frame forward, and the next backward, like a real speaker works (more technically correct, how a song works), with the difference that there is no movement, after all, to have a smooth movement of, for example, 10 frames in a vibration of 100 hz you would need 1000 FPS with a 1000 Hz monitor. Maybe in 2100 the mod will be updated.


That's why you need to use this mod with a fixed high FPS, or the vibration will be unrealistic.

Unfortunately there is no vibration blur.
It's possible to do with a motion blur, as I did on Unity Engine:

But I think it's already good...
I believe the current problem is that speakers that vibrate jumping forward are not possible.

I'm not a fan of automotive sound (but I'm by music, so much I'm a bass music producer, but I even think that automotive sound is a problem in society), but this is a great culture in Brazil (and Venezuela etc etc) and during these 6 years many people asked and are very happy that I have done it. Brazilian youtubers with millions subscribers now use this mod and I'm very happy about it.

If someone wants the source code contact me. There are reasons I don't make it public... You will understand soon. :p
The mod was made using GTA3script (MoonLoader didn't yet exist, in fact neither GTA3script existed yet and I converted it from Sanny Builder; I didn't know asi; I used many scm features), using an .asi created by Fabio for easier communication with bass.dll, including the music list is stored by .asi.
In fact, the biggest difficulty of the mod was in the custom music player. The only challenge of the vibration was figuring out how to do it. At the end it's just a few lines of code.
There is also a small API for you to use the bass level in your mods. It will be available here soon. Edited by Junior_Djjr

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9 hours ago, Junior_Djjr said:



About god damn time! 

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New bass boost system using VST plugin (Bass Landscapes by SyncerSoft) (stuff used in music producing).



With this concept is also possible to create an in-game music producing application (would not be useful, but, well... it is possible...)


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What about having an option to create a folder for pedestrian vehicles?


So that only the files in that folder are the ones played by other vehicles

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On 3/17/2019 at 12:51 AM, thalilmythos said:

What about having an option to create a folder for pedestrian vehicles?


So that only the files in that folder are the ones played by other vehicles

I thought about it, for example choosing which playlist the NPC is using, but it would create some difficulties for something that doesn't seem so important



I forgot to announce the new version here...



  • NPC vehicles playing music. You can easily turn them off, make them more or less rare, adjust volume etc. It is fully configurable, you can remove and add cars configurations, including the volume they will appear. There is an adaptation to the next version of the VehFuncs where it is possible for the modder to inform the chances of appearing and sound volume inside the car .dff, in these cases not requiring configuration. More informations here.
  • Added a new bass boost mode with VST plugin that uses an advanced bass boost algorithm. The former is now better adjustable and you can use along with it, or just one. More informations here.
  • Fixed a possible crash when activating the mod.
  • Fixed a problem in the storage of active vehicles.
  • The volume commands now stay on the keys on the side of the backspace (- and = ) — taking advantage of the space, up menu button is now in I instead of U.
  • Removed the effect of compression and doppler increase (they were only spoiling the audio).
  • Fixed pressing T without moving the mouse causing a spike in the audio. Now you can simply press T to see the tempo of the song.
  • Fixed the command to control music position working even when commands are deactivated.
  • Added play / pause icon, mainly thinking about use in skins. Old skins keep working without it.
  • Added minimum size settings in the skin. This solves skins problems with different aspect ratios.
  • Among other minor fixes.

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