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Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game Round 1

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Posted (edited)



Missions: Vigilante (12) , Bailing out for good.

Save File Name: In Mourning

Link: http://gtasnp.com/VG674K

Completion %: 97.3%

Notes: Red Banshee stored in alderney.

12 more Vigilante targets killed.

Edited by Parik

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Posted (edited)

Me now!


Mission: Migration Control

Link: Clicky Clicky!

Completion %: 97.3%


Saved at Alderney.

Changed clothes to proper ones.



Edited by MrMateczko

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:thinking: ill just do it quick not gonna bother with stream


Mission: Industrial Action
Link: http://gtasnp.com/cknlBz
Completion: 99.3%
Notes: Final Assassination complete - Undeserved % obtained!
Added a Perennial to Alderney safe house


Good luck.


Original edit - 22:07 GMT +3

Corrected the Mission title.

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Posted (edited)

I'll take a turn.


Mission: Out of Commission

Link: http://gtasnp.com/nQ0wth

Completion: 100%


  • Game completed 100%! You can now store an infinite amount of ammo.
  • Played a game of bowling with Roman, holy f*ck he almost beat me!
Edited by lol232

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Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game Round 1 Complete!

Great work everyone, the 1st Round of the Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game is now complete! I'd like to thank all contributors who had a part in the round, from the people who took the time to help out during the development stages of the Chain Game to the players who took turns throughout the round and helped us reach 100% completion! I have been extremely pleased to see such a high turnout of players for the round, with a total of 17 Players contributing to the 100% Save File. It was also great to watch the round progress with no major issues and be completed in the very quick time of 5 days, 7 hours and 28 minutes!

Welcome cryptorelic, DomoTheRussian, DT-boy, hoXiu, iguaan, Johan, lol232, MrMateczko, oscareczek, Parik, Sidaredd, Slyceth, Th3MaN1 and thehambone to the Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game - Thank you all for playing!
Thanks to Assistant Chief 123robot and Deputy Chief TubewayArmy for their continued support of the Chain Game and for regular turn taking throughout the round!
Special Thanks to Samutz for the continued development of GTASnP.com, a website that is a great help to the game, and has been used regularly to host save files that were used throughout the round!
And thanks to 123robot, Parik, slohbur, Th3MaN1, thehambone and TubewayArmy for their involvement during the development stages of the Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game!

The Chain Game Index will soon be updated to reflect the completion of the round!

[table]Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game Round 1 Statistics[/th][/table] [table]Player NameValid Turns TakenInvalid Turns TakenTotal PercentageAverage Percentage123robot704.67%0.67%cryptorelic909.34%1.04%DomoTheRussian100.70%0.70%DT-boy201.38%0.69%GTAKid66710014.16%1.42%hoXiu100.70%0.70%iguaan607.25%1.21%Johan100.70%0.70%lol232100.70%0.70%MrMateczko14019.38%1.38%oscareczek502.80%0.56%Parik16028.62%1.79%Sidaredd100.70%0.70%Slyceth100.69%0.69%Th3MaN1201.40%0.70%thehambone402.09%0.52%TubewayArmy904.72%0.52%Total17 Players90 Valid Turns0 Invalid Turns100.00%1.11%[/table][table]Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game Round 1 Time[/table] [table]Sunday 29th April 2018 at 14:00 UTC - Friday 4th May 2018 at 21:28 UTC[/table] [table]5 days, 7 hours, 28 minutes - 7,648 minutes in total[/table]

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