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I am James. (WIP) Mission pack.

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Posted (edited)


You are James, a Russian American who is part of the Russian mafia which is located in Los Santos. You must work your way up and earn the trust of your crew.


On April the 29th, 1990, the Russian mafia were formed in Las Venturas by Fedor and his brother Mikhail. They had a really good start and were the kings of Las Venturas, they were the richest and had all of the money. But a gang named the Triads took over most of their turf. The mafia recruited a lot of members to fight the triads but they failed, with no members, they moved to Los Santos, recruiting James Azarov and his sister Jane Azarov to work for them. The Russian mafia aims to take over all of Los Santos to gain their old reputation, they aim to shut down Grove Street and Ballas...


James Azarov - ALIVE - Soldier

Jane Azarov - ALIVE - Associate

Fedor Belevitch - ALIVE - Boss

Mikhail Belevitch - ALIVE - Underboss



Enjoy my first mission (pack)!

2nd mission possibly coming tomorrow.


I am James.

Operation BG (Part 1)

Operation BG (Part 2) - 31st of April 2018.

Edited by JohnLS

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This has been canceled.

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