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Revolutionary Concept for GTA in a 4K/VR Universe.


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I was thinking what Rockstar really want to do and I came up with their "end game",

A fully fleshed out fictional version of the United States that is purely online and is VR enabled for the next-gen consoles.

I'm going to list it out.

  • Ability to create your character from scratch with various voice actors to represent your voice in-game defined by race.
  • VR-enabled and online, meaning you would be playing in a 4k High Resolution universe which would be connected to a server.
  • Here's the kicker, featuring mutiple cities from new cities such as Capital City to Vice City to LIberty City, New Alderney, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Los Santos and many others - each server would be City or State defined.
  • You could begin like this - if you pay money you could begin as a player with some cash to get started, say you join the Liberty City server there you come across the Gambetti crime family... And you find out it is ran by a Rockstar employee. Yep. Every head of every criminal organization and gang that is canon are ran by Rockstar's own gaming division.
  • The story would be controlled by them and there you would have the ability to become a Cop or Criminal. You could begin as a Cop and possibly go undercover or you could rise up to become a FIB or IAA agent.
  • The point is - the story would basically be controlled by Rockstar and you would be the star of it.
  • Imagine being initiated by Varrio Los Aztecas by being jumped in by the head of the street gang who would be a Rockstar employee, you are in the gang then you are busted. Now, you are in Prison and there you find out there's a whole other world going on inside prison.
  • Gangs in prisons are also led by Rockstar employees with their own unique characters and the story is all up to you guys - cut scenes and cinematics would be initiated where you would hear employees playing as Bosses to kill a snitch.
  • Or you rise up through the Mob, became a Made guy and find out that your Crime Family is ran by an elderly don played by a Rockstar employee.
  • What would this mean? A revolutionary way to tell a story.
  • The point of the game is to basically earn money and either become a "somebody" or a "nobody"
  • I would become a freelance hitman (by the way deaths are permanent) and there would be deathmatch servers but for the Official City servers they would ALL have their own City wide stories going on.
  • Imagine setting up a major gun deal between two sets of Criminal Organizations like the Aryans and the Mexicano Mob for guns and cocaine - the deal has been given to you by a Shot Caller from Prison. The deal goes well and you earn respect - the Employee entrusts you are you are given more. To the point where they give you power over your own crew.
  • But what about deaths? So deaths or being shot - will only put you into Hospital. Permanent deaths would be decided by the Rockstar Employees and the Rockstar Employees only. They are the only ones who are given a loose script of where to take the story resulting in an epic ending for every single Cop and Criminal in GTA.
  • One of my favourite scenerios would be working for a Mob, the Don has told me to whack a good friend of mine (another player) and this would be a permanent death, as a passenger I turn the gun on him and shoot him in the head and his death is quite cinematic. Meanwhile, I find out that my friend the whole time was wearing a wire so I am bombarded by the players who have joined the FIB and am sent to Prison - after a month in there (which would be about five years), I become close to a Shot Caller and find out that those who are in Prison have more control of the Streets. They are able to sneak me out to do hit jobs and return to my cell that night.

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So basically VRChat but with GTA

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Pretty much an RP mode.


No thanks, this shouldn't be the development focus of any GTA games. Whatever the next equivalent to FiveM or MTA RP servers will suffice.

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Purely online? I think GTA online was already enough sh*t taken from single player players, why make it purely online? I don't have the money to maintain a subscription to PSN or build a big ass 4k VR gaming PC. It would pretty much be the death of the franchise for me.

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GTA Plus Enjoyer

No VR please, there's people with motion sickness who wouldn't be able to enjoy it, and plus many people don't have a VR for various reasons.

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Well at some point soon im sure VR is going to be the next big thing, however, it still feels along way off for me until that actually happens.


So given the next GTA hopefully isn't too far away now, I doubt its really worth them focusing too much on this.

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60017 Silver Fox

Purely online? I think GTA online was already enough sh*t taken from single player players, why make it purely online? I don't have the money to maintain a subscription to PSN or build a big ass 4k VR gaming PC. It would pretty much be the death of the franchise for me.

I can't even afford a £250-£350 next gen console to play RDR2 or the next gen GTA right now let alone a VR headset, a new 4k tv or a greatly improved pc/future gen console (possible online subscription depending on circumstances) to play what is being proposed.


Though I do like the thought of being able to travel to every part of the GTA world with each place having its own unique storyline, cultural differences and ways changes to how you play (London being heavily gun restricted like Liberty City so contacts and underground dealings for weapons become more important than simply visiting Ammunation, San Fierro being very car focused and elevated, Vice City having a heavy drug trade and so on).

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Took me 5 years to buy a PS3. Now that I have one, they stop making games for it. And a Full HD 40 Phillips is all I'm going to get.

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I'm ok with it as long as there's a regular verizon for people who don't want to buy VR. It would be bad for business for rockstar to try to make people buy VR to play online.

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Jack Lupino

I dont think it will happen in the next gta.

probably gta 7 somewhere in the late 2020s.

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