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Characters that you wish had bigger roles in this game

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Henrique Bardas and Armando Torres- Many agree that their roles arent as big as it should be. I wouldve liked to see them in more missions and for them to have interactions with the Dominican drug dealers of Northwood.


Teddy Benadivez- We all know he was killed by Niko on orders of Ray Boccino. I feel as he should have been apart of the storyline early on before he got killed as Luis and his friends knew Teddy. Along with Alonzo, hes one of the few other Dominican-American characters. Perhaps it wouldve been good to see Luis collaborating with Teddy on drug deals, but that they would have a falling out and stop working together (and of course, Teddy is eventually killed).


Giovanni Ancelotti- for an unseen character, he sure plays a crucial role in this story.


Dani Lupisella- dont know why they would have Margot as the crazy ex-gf (not to mention she kills herself and frames Luis).... wouldve rather had the daughter of a boss that also threatened to have his balls chopped off. Furthermore, none of the games feature the Lupisella crime family.


Ernesto Lopez- I wish there was a way to bring his ass to Liberty City and kill him in a mission similar to Blood Brothers and the one killing Darko Brevic. Like Luis lures him to Middle Park and then confronts him for his disloyalty and disrespect towards his family and then shoots him in the head.... idk I just hated reading the one email he sent, seemed like a total prick.


Yusuf Amir- Already a big part of the story, would have liked to see him become one of Luis close friends.

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Doubt that Luis would just kill his brother.

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Doubt that Luis would just kill his brother.

I doubt it too but it would certainly be interesting if Ernesto did something to set Luis off. If you reply to Ernestos email negatively, Luis will pretty much tell his brother that if he has a problem that he should come to LC.


Furthermore, considering that Luis came this close to killing Tony... I think its fathomable that he would kill his own estranged brother.

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Lucas wester

personally margot shes interesting

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Joni and a better charater model too Joni-Artwork

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