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(WIP)San Andreas Unreal - GTA SA map in Unreal Engine 4 + screenshots


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Hi ,this is project i have been working on for the last couple of days.For now I imported the desert but im planning in importing the whole map.After I texture most of the map(every material has to be applied to the mesh by hand and i have textured about 30% of the part of the map) I will post the download link to play the game see the progress.Here are some screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/HrcKPTS







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nice i hope you will make a github for the project, i want to port the VCS map to UE4

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philip92dk ive already put vc map in ue4 but only half of it(ocean beach and the star island) and its only half textured.Iwanted to do the whole map but i got had some problems with textures and importing the map so I decided to quit.If you want to take a look i can package the project and send it to you.

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I would be happy if you could send it to me,+ tell me how your are importing the maps to ue4

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philip92dk i ported gta sa using Kams script for 3dsmax and I used gims iv to port vice city map mod for GTA 4.I used the map mod instead of original files because when you use kams script on vc models the normals get flipped.

I will send you the vc map in ue4 in a couple of hours because i need to package the project


EDIT: sorry but I tried to open the project but it keeps crashing.Im starting the project all over again and hope i will be able to finish it.I will post the project to see the work i ve already done in a couple of days

Edited by blazgta
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