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GTA San Andreas Stories

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories is Rockstar's Latest Game, released in 2018. It is set in the ficitonal state of San Andreas. This is by far, the largest and most complex game, and definitely without a question, one of the biggest Grand Theft Auto Cities. Like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, San Andreas consists of three fully-realized cities: Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro. The game is set in 1987.

In 1987, the leader of the Grove Street Families, Carl Johnson, moved to Liberty Cityin frustration of Sweet accusing him for the death of Brian Johnson, his brother. It's now up to Ryder, Sweet, and Big Smoke to lead the Grove Street Families. The Grove Street Families have almost been defeated by the Ballas, and the Ballas is making the city tear apart with gang trouble, drugs, and corruption. While he is leading the Grove Street Families, a few corrupt Grove Street Family members frame him for working with the Ballas.


Playing as Sweet in 1987 Los Santos CJ would be around but he won't have a big role in fact because this takes place 5 years before the events San Andreas at some point you'd see CJ leave for Liberty City during the story.

A game with Cesar and his time with the Varrios Los Aztecas set before San Andreas.

1970's Las Venturas where we play as a mobster with the Sindacco family.

A game that takes place in 1970's San Fierro

It was the 1980s, where the Grove Street Families were founded by Sean "Sweet" Johnson and became the biggest gang in Los Santos. Now, in the early 90s, things had changed. Drugs are now introduced in the hood, undermining the Grove Street Families members. To make matters worse, Sweet's mother Beverly undergoes a heart condition, which would require a transplant in order to save her life. While being in contact with a loan shark named Black Jack, who has agreed to help the Grove Street Families clean the hood in exchange to pay him back the money Sweet loaned him, Sweet now has to work his way to earn enough money to pay back Black Jack and his mother's heart transplant at the same time while keeping his hood safe from any drug dealers, base slingers, and of course, the Grove Street Families' rivals The Ballas.

A game where you play as Ralph Pendelbury and you initiate the chaos and the crack epidemic in 1987, minors characters would include mentioned ones in cutscenes: Brian, Little/Big Devil, etc. - you play as a CRASH member and your focus is stopping the gang activity but you get dragged in to the dark side by Tenpenny and Pulaski.

I know that is from other topics but it really will be in SAS.

I have question Brian Johnson is CJ's and Sweet's young brother and died in 1987 so in what year he will be born and what age he will have?

The first mission in SAS should take place in Sweet's house (which would be the main character) from information given to us by Emmet about the meeting of the Ballas with the Vagos who want to buy a weapon from the first. Sweet takes a few boys, including OG Loc, wanting him to prove his babble about what gangsta he is. Unfortunately, on the way to the meeting, OG Loc too excited about the action, causes the cullet, and does not reach the place. The GSF reach and break the meeting, stealing a few Tec-9 and puddles.

The next missions are mainly based on the unification of the GSF and attempts to break the Ballas OG and Vagos, which unfortunately, due to the weak weaponry of our countrymen, end in failure or reflection of small areas. Then in one of the tasks by Los Santos follows the transport of expensive cars for export in SF. Greens steal two trucks with cars, and decide to sell them to the Russians. Unfortunately, it turns out that the stolen cars were to go to the FBI, because they learned about the links of the mayor of LS with drug trafficking. Tire attack begins, by anti-terrorists from LSPD. The delivery has been so damaged that the cost of one truck is $ 1,500. Sweet orders to leave the cars in the storm sewers and blow them up. After doing this, Grove attacks the Vagos in order to deflect several former GSF sites.

It so happens that during this time Varrios Los Aztecas stayed with the Vagos, negotiating with Big Pop buying drugs and distributing them. During the exchange of fire, several boys from VLA were killed, hence in '92 of the second year there are disagreements between GSF and VLA. Smoke and Ryder betray Grove, setting up deals with gangs that aim to weaken green positions. Ryder additionally introduces several Ballas members to destroy the OG from the inside. C. R.A.S.H invented with the BS the plan of the green Saber, from which they are to pass the arrows ending Sweet's life, simultaneously ending the existence of the GSF. As we learn from Introduction, Ballas, however, shoot shots towards the home of the Johnson's mother, where CJ later lives.

More soon...

Edited by Emperix

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If SA stories will be relased, i want it to be in 1987, one year after VC's events, playing as Ryder and showing the moment since Ryder arrived from Vice City vacantion, and seems that Grove Street Families has problems.

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If SA stories will be relased, i want it to be in 1987, one year after VC's events, playing as Ryder and showing the moment since Ryder arrived from Vice City vacantion, and seems that Grove Street Families has problems.

Dude your imagination is amazing,i also would like story like that your idea is amazing.

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But unfortunately it probably will never happen, you know how Rock-star Games is with their 2D, 3D, HD and soon 4K universes are seperated from each other.

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iiCriminnaaL 49

A Stories prequel for GTA: San Andreas could've been cool, but it will never happen, since R* have already closed the 3D era. But if we suppose it would've happened, it wouldn't necessary feature Sean or Brian Johnson as the protagonist. Remember that the game's name is GTA 'San Andreas', not GTA 'Grove Street Families', GTA 'The Johnson Family' or GTA 'Carl Johnson' (ironically, some people have a theory that GTA San Andreas Stories could've featured CJ as the protagonist while he's still in 'Liberty City', in a 'San Andreas' game, lmao).


It would've been possible to set an Azteca, Balla, Vago, Triad, or any other gang member, as a protagonist. For me, if there would've been a GTA: San Andreas Stories, I'd prefer to play as Cesar Vialpando, Wu Zi Mu or Kane, because we already played as a Family OG.


If we take a look at GTA: Liberty City Stories, we can notice that the protagonist wasn't a close friend of GTA: III's protagonist, Claude, nor a present ally. Toni Cipriani was a mission giver in GTA: III, but he later turned into an enemy since he's a Leone. Not to mention that the friendly Yakuza of GTA III are a rival gang in LCS. Similar in GTA: Vice City Stories, you play as Victor Vance; a minor character of GTA: Vice City. His brother, Lance, who was allied with Tommy, turned into an enemy too, but in VCS, he's always an ally (obviously, since he's the protagonist's brother), and the Vance crime family were the main side. Not to mention, that the friendly Vice City Bikers in GTA: VC are enemies in VCS. That shows that it could've been possible to play as a Balla OG or Vago OG if there was a SAS.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49

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Not a bad idea. :)

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