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How would you explain Gtao to someone?

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i'd use the same explanation i have done for years...


"you know this game, the sims?, well its basically like the sims but way more violent"

tbf, the sims is pretty violent. You can straight up murder sims with weapons now. Pretty entertaining.
but murder is part of the game or some mod?


on the sims 2 and 3 i used to murdered sims thanks to some mods.


i know people have been adding some crazy mods for the sims 4 like the drug dealing mod that made the news a couple months ago hahaha

Ha, yup..some other stuff too. Sims 3 was a crazy time too, some were just bizarre and outright wrong.. lol


Check out Extreme Violence for S4.


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Hell on Earth andworth every penny.

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Is it just me or would it be some what difficult to try to explain what Gtao is to someone who has not played it. It could even be difficult trying to explain it to someone who is familiar with the GTA series and how the games work without rambling on and on and sounding like a crazy person. There are several ways to play, but what would be the best way you could actually sell the game to someone?

"it's Grand Theft Auto but it's online"

Was that so f*ckin' hard?

Why are you always so angry, who hurt you?

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