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Aquo Banger Racer

XBOX ONE Banger Racing League (GBL)

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Aquo Banger Racer
Posted (edited)

Hello, yes, I know my name is stupid & my previous posts are absolute garbage (I made this account ages ago).

I had the plan to introduce a motorsport that I like playing with my friends on XBOX but I rarely get to due to timezones. The motorsport is called Banger Racing, I will link a few videos of Banger Racing but I will try and explain it as best as I can. Banger Racing is a motorsport similar to demolition derby except you race around an oval, the winner is usually 1st place or the last survivor of the race. If anyone is interested please contact me either on this forum or on XB1: Aquo JDM. I will try to do races as frequently as possible and add as much variety to the tracks and cars we use.




To have a decent sized race/league we will need around 4-6 minimum, If anyone is interested I will start my league called Grand Banger League (GBL), I will also post pictures of cars from the races and give out awards for multiple things. Info about the races, time and rules will be posted on here most of the time we will have 3-5 rounds in each event. Here is an example of a layout for a race



Round 1 - 6 laps

Round 2 - 6 laps

Round 3 - 10 laps


The tracks ain't huge so 10 laps should only take a few minutes, I would like to keep it realistic so no supercars, cabriolets or modern cars. Some cars like the Super Diamond and Fugitive will be allowed. The Ardent will be allowed but only on special occasions, griefing will result in a ban from the championship as the sessions will be invite only. anyone caught inviting anyone who was banned will also be banned.


If more than 4-6 people sign up in the next 6 hours then maybe we can start this championship.


Thank you for taking your time to read this.

[EDIT: I will post a list of what cars can be used in certain races]
Edited by Aquo Banger Racer

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Aquo Banger Racer

I have a feeling like this is going to be a failure...

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Aquo Banger Racer

By the looks of it, it takes a while for people to be interested as I have looked at multiple other topics.

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