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Steam VC removed my '57 Chevy mod!


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I've never seen this before! I just started the Steam version of VC for which

I've had the Oceanic replaced by a '57 Chevy mod with a modded handling.cfg
file, etc., for years now. But this time I got a menu saying it would take
several minutes before the game could start and once it started my save games
were there but the '57 Chevy reverted back to being an Oceanic complete with the
original handling.cfg file! Has anyone else had this happen? What's the

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Steam is anti modification and as such if it detects modified files it'll redownload whichever file(s) have been affected, replace them with the originals and then start the game. I'd assume in theory if you wanted to mod the game you could just copy VC out of the Steam games directory and launch it via gta-vc.exe instead (or just run gta-vc.exe regardless although two installs would probably be easier lest you forget that it's modded and launch it from steam).

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I have never had Steam overwrite my files unless there was an update for the game or I verified game's cache. It's not like Steam verifies files on every launch and kills the mods.

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