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Being the Beast: the eternal quest


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Cutter De Blanc
On 6/14/2018 at 9:30 AM, Nutduster said:

Since I put up this thread I've registered at least 5-6 more times and never been chosen.  lel.

Since you put up this thread I haven't even seen the event happen again

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Only seen it once in the same time. I spawned into a lobby with the event active a few days ago. Got in my Akula and kept tabs on them as they hit several landmarks and was about to pounce when someone rolled up in their APC who just happened to drive past and obliterated them after a landmark...oh well. 


Been selected about five or six times but this was ages ago, it seemed to come up quite often but not lately. Always good fun. I wish it occurred more. 

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I love that game so I usually hit the button right away. Been the beast every time apart from two.


Won every time too. I like the hares and hunts type games. Nerve wracking and strategic.

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