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Low frame-rate on TV screen despite graphics set at minimum settings

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I have an AMD HD6570 card with 1 GB RAM (made by Sapphire). When I run the game's benchmark test, I am only seeing 15 - 20 FPS. I'm pretty much have every graphic setting I can think of at minimum, including the advanced graphic settings. I had just inherited my late brother's 32" TV that he was using for his computer. I was able to get at least 25 - 30 FPS on my old 20" monitor at 1600x900 resolution. I have Windows 10 set at 1980x1020 resolution so I can get 1080p.


Is there a way to get a better frame-rate on the TV? I'd really hate to have to give up playing in HD, but if I must...

I Used to have an R9 270x and it was a decent card. I was getting at least around 50 fps on the old monitor (I'm sure could have got at least 60 if I toned down the settings), but the card gave up the ghost and AMD wasn't able to replace it & gave me a $140 refund instead. I plan on upgrading the card, soon as I can save up for one.

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Judging by the lack of replies, I guess it's not possible. Moderators, you can close this topic.

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It's just a simple thing, you're going from 900p to 1080p, that's an increase in rendering resolution, you're going to get lower framerates on the hardware no matter what.

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I'm sorry, my friend, but it looks like you're literally out of options. 1080p for GTA V is quite demanding. Save some cash and get that new card, but read the reviews first and ask around.

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