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NEW! Red Dead Redemption Roleplay Community [PS3]

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Posted (edited)

The Western Border Territories Roleplay Community [PS3]


Is an associated roleplay group with Hollywood Interactive, that brought to you 'The State of San Andreas Roleplay community' (Major GTA V Roleplay for PS3).


This community & role-play is based during the 1900s, or the 'Wild West' era of American and it's territories! Using the online platforms of the renown game by Rockstar Games known as 'Red Dead Redemption' for the console, Play Station 3!


We strive to maintain the following;

Realistic, Immersive, Fun, in our role-play! A place where experienced and new people to role-play can share and learn whilst having fun and immersing in role-play!


The setting takes place in a fictional world, based on real areas. A realistic western-themed role-play , taking place primarily in the year 1910, featuring the final decade of the American Frontier and the cowboy, lawmen, government, and outlaws archetypes that shaped it.


We maintain every faction within the 'Red Dead Redemption' game, and factually uphold everything. Gain your ranks through the army, or police! Become a settler, or rancher working the lands during the struggling time of the wild west. Or become outlaw, running from the law! We base our role-play off a realistic setting, which means we maintain a government, mayor, type status as well!


Although this community is based in the great wild west. Realism is top priority, we maintain a high quality faction, currency, job, and government system making this one of the most sophisticated and realistic roleplays to come.


We operate on a Discord server & all further information can be found within the Discord!


Discord Server Link:

Join our community today! You won't regret it as there is so much opportunity within RDR!

Edited by Spider-Vice

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Sorry, no advertising here. If you wish to gather people for an online session do so using the pinned multiplayer thread and using more conventional methods such as Social Club, PSN or XBL.

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