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GTA V fans suffer from Stockholm syndrome


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I think it is pretty clear that GTA V and GTAO fans suffer from the Stockholm syndrome. The kidnapper is R*. Before V and Online, GTA was a great franchise with a great SP and a great online community (just remember IV's online mode).


R* hyped the game beyond reality, with that they kidnapped our minds, our brain, and made us worship GTA V. The GTAV/GTAO lovers oversee the clear flaws of the game and the awful direction the franchise is heading to. By kidnapping our mind, R* was able to obtain billions of dollars because our brainwashed brain led us to buy those Shark Cards and maybe various versions of GTA V.


So those who keep worshipping GTA V clearly suffer from the so-called Stockholm syndrome:


Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome


So, some of us were able to obtain our clear mind back, and escaped R*'s kidnapping with that. But R* still keeps kidnapping people's minds and let them suffer from that syndrome by hyping GTAO on social media and lead people to buy Shark Cards. It is pretty clear that R* takes advantage of the Stockholm syndrome to milk the customers' wallets and they sure as hell plan to do that with GTA VI, too.


People, let's stay together, hold hands and break free from R*'s mind-prison.

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Well when you put it like that; people who "worship" a game need to get their heads checked.


So basically based on what you wrote, anyone that likes playing GTA Online has Stockholm Syndrome...which to me is absolute bollocks.

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Some levels of modern games-as-a-service design are intentionally addictive to make it harder for players to quit, but Stockholm syndrome is a completely different scale of mental trauma to just playing a videogame. People simply enjoy the game.

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Uuuuhhh there's a few extremists at each end of the love/hate spectrum but on the whole this forum is well aware of GTAO's flaws while still enjoying the game despite them.

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Let's not compare GTA players to those who have had the tramatic experience of actually being kidnapped.


We are free to play any other game anytime we want.

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