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This "premium edition" leak

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Posted (edited)
so someone has leaked the premium edition case and from what it shows, you get the standard game and some bonuses in online. the crappiest premium edition ever, comes 5 years after the initial release and features no new content. just some (very crappy) online content that everyone moved on from around 3 years ago. and no new exclusive changes to storymode.
not like rockstar to do something this basic and lazy. its literally a re-packaged standard edition. don't know why is says gta online is included as if its normally a seperate game altogether. but its free with the standard edition. i'm hoping this leak isn't real. because its a very very poor premium edition considering it has nothing new and is coming from one of the best game companies, which are ruining their reputation fast. massive cash crab from rockstar. would be a proper premium edition if it featured exclusive cars, weapons, property and posters.... but no. not even any exclusive content
this comes as no surprise tbh, remember the EXCLUSIVE content that people got for transferring accounts. that they then changed to normal content available for everyone, just so they can get some extra shark card sales without developing any new content. completely ripping off the players who actually bought new consoles just to get the exclusive content.
rockstar have ruined the gta dna and heritage with gta online. gta shouldn't have flying cars and bikes etc... it shouldn't be a lazy source of income for them. they've changed for the worse since Lesley left. the houser brothers are to blame for the cash grabbing. they clearly have no passion for the game just want to fatten their bank accounts. killing off the best game franchise in history in the process.

premium edition is the nail in the coffin, and from whats happened to far since the houser brothers took over. i can actually see gta 6 being a flop. they're probably going to have a saints row vibe with it. move on people i think its time we found a better open world game

Edited by Kiwi_91

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