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Vespucci Job needs The Dune Boys Sequel!


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Vespucci job is maybe the best mode Rockstar has given us. FINALLY Cops and Robbers of some type. At double pay, win 4 of 4 (3 as cops 1 as driver) rounds pulled in over 100K. This is SOO much fun for great drivers. I finally understand the cops frustrations trying to catch us now, lol. Tripping over ourselves in the turns and beating the crap out of the Issi is great fun. I love flipping off the Issi when I got him pinned. But this mode needs a sequel.


When creating races first came out, I made a long endurance run series of races that mimicked the Dukes of Hazard's Hazard County Derby. So I could get verified, I came up with generic names. I called them, the Dune Boys. Vespucci mode should have us chasing an Imponte Dukes car around Blaine County, with a bunch of added ramp jumps from Rockstar for the cars to jump and see if the cops can follow.


The Dune Boys I created had a Cousin Paisley, and Sheriff Boscoe. If Rockstar sees this and wants to use these names, you have my permission. As if you needed it.


Heres one of the races, to show you can even jump the Alamo Sea!

The Dune Boys Derby II for PS4

Find the other 3 races in the series with #Dune






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Hey, you can show off your creations in the Creator forum. Given you're on PS4 you can use this thread: http://gtaforums.com/topic/663247-share-your-playstation-creations/page-54?do=findComment&comment=1070194454




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