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How the f*ck is GTA Advance 3D?


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What the f*ck? People say that GTA Advance is in the 3D Universe but how is it 3D?? :panic:

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There is no need for such language here.


GTA Advance is considered as a part of 3D universe, because it features characters (Asuka, 8-Ball , King Courtney, etc.), city (Liberty City) and part of stories used in GTA III (like 8-Ball's messed hands). Despite being depicted with top over camera is actually a prequel to GTA III and sequel of GTA LCS.

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Same story of how Chinatown wars is HD Universe even tho it has much less detail as 3D era games.

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  • 2 months later...
AKiLLER Official

Because it tries to look like a 3d game with the vehicle movements and buildings unlike the games from 2d universe.

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It's real hard to digest the fact that undoubtedly the worst GTA game is part of arguably the best GTA universe.


(just an opinion)

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"Let me show you how it's done!"




We actually don't have an answer for that.


(The first reply is accurate on a serious tone.)

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Think Of The Name (3D Universe) As Just The Name For A Timeline. Sure GTA Advance Is Not Really 3D But It Is In The (3D Universe) Timeline Meaning That CJ  From San Andreas Lives In The Same World/Universe As Mike From GTA Advance.

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It's simple as in the games within the 2D, 3D and HD era's represents...well, their respective universes. In a general sense, games in each era's are connected together lore wise. GTA Advance might been 2D but it's lore and story are sort of connected to the rest of the 3D Era titles.


Same thing applies to the Chinatown Wars, who's technically tied in to the HD Era despite visually looking nothing like it's bigger bothers (not to mention the fact that neither the PSP nor Nintendo DS are able to run the game in native HD anyways lol).


And guess what? GTA 1, London '69/'61 and 2 might fall into the 2D Era but they are actually partly 2D & 3D rather than being purely two dimensional. The map itself is in 3D while the vehicles and pedestrians are just 2D sprites thus calling them 2.5D would be far more accurate.

(That's excluding the Gameboy Color Ports).


One more information, prior to GTA V announcement, i think people used to refer to different GTA Era's by the different numeral titles. I.e GTA Era, GTA II Era, GTA III Era & GTA IV Era

Edited by FalconKing
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It shares assets with the 3D era games, but at the same time it wasn't produced and written by Dan Houser so one might question its canonity in the 3D universe.

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