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RenderWare engine

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Can I moddify a game with the renderware? If I can, how i do it??


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Too abstract your question.


Well, you can, but what do you really mean? Do you want modify a game forged with RenderWare? If yes, do you want modify the RW stuff or the game stuff?

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Jason Statham
Posted (edited)

RenderWare engine is Licensed engine and is closed source (modders has access to SOME of the code not all engine code), and since in 2006 EA bought the engine from criterion games, due to fact it's old, uses DX8, DX9 and opengl API (2.1 or 2.0) without DX10,DX11,DX12 supports (that's I Know since there is somewhere RenderWare 3.7 version) ). Do you really want to modify that's old engine ? Which was written in pure C ? With no advanced tehcniques ? Get bettter to use Unity/Unreal or CryEngine or many engines there is for free.

Edited by juarez

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Posted (edited)

In short: you can't.

Because we have no source of GTA games.


Alternatively: you can if you know few programming languages (C, C++ and x86 Assembler), have experience with Direct3D8/9 API and RenderWare itself.

Example: I once attached RW's RpNormMap plugin to the game, and it kinda worked.

Edited by DK22Pac

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Posted (edited)

[ ↑ ]


Any information about how to use the RW is contained inside the SDK. Well, it's a evaluation version and some preprocessor need be used to adapt the code. You can start compiling sample projects shipped with the SDK.


Any futher doubt, feel free to ask me. I'm not too active here, but you can meet me at this Discord server.

Edited by Veryzon

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