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[CLEO] Changeable Train Camera

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Another useful mod for those who always wanted to drive a train in SA and be able to disable forced cinematic camera mode! This CLEO script gives even more to you - ability to change camera position between all train carriages, not only locomotive or the carriage where the player actually is!



  • No need to learn any new hotkeys or other things - just press the usual change camera key when riding any train.
  • Trains could be any type, amount of train carriages detects automatically.
  • Default cinematic camera mode isn't removed, you always can change back to it.



  • Copy the "traincam-new.cs" file from this zip archive to your "CLEO" folder in the game's directory.
  • OPTIONAL: If you want to see a notification every time the camera reaches player's carriage - extract the language file "tcam.fxt" from the needed locale included in the "locale" folder to your "CLEO\CLEO_TEXT" folder in the game's directory. Otherwise, you can skip this step.

    Supported languages:

  • English
  • Russian for SanLtd localization
  • Russian "Wasted"  //  Pirated translation that became a meme in CIS countries

   ATTENTION! You should extract only ONE language file to the game! Don't extract all three files, otherwise texts will appear incorrectly!



  • To use this mod you have to install CLEO 4.3.
  • Feature is disabled in 2-player mode because it interferes with native coop camera mode.




e6b8e6ebe8c2t.jpg 1f9bae3d7827t.jpg


6378be3c50e0t.jpg b9e6c23d43a4t.jpg


7a260bd2b83ct.jpg d30c2b451011t.jpg






v3.0 @ 30.05.2020: HERE




This idea (and first implementation) came in 2007. However, the script was very stupid, it was nothing but a useless kilometers of text full of global variables. Really awful. I hadn't any plans to share it but anyway it was shared on some GTA web sites and that made me ashamed. So now in 2018 I rewrote it - now it's a few dozens of strings without any garbage. I've rewritten it mostly because "Tram Driver" script was released recently.


Edited by Marsi4eg
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Shogun Pacino

Nice script man, i had once an idea for this. :^:

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Posted (edited)

Here's 2020's update with some optimizations!

Now it's Changeable Train Camera v3.0!





  • Lots of code clean-ups and optimizations. Script operates faster.



  • Added ability to change camera along the whole train till the engine even if the player has entered random carriage.
  • Added help text boxes when entering train and (optional) when the camera reaches player's carriage.



  • After exiting a train the camera moves to the player smoothly - the same way as exiting usual vehicles.



v3.0 @ 30/05/2020: HERE

Edited by Marsi4eg
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Thanks for the mod :D

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