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Weird problem after adding new vehicles


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Hello, I have been modifying my GTA SA to add new vehicles, mostly lowpoly models from GTA Vice City, III, LCS and VCS, following Junior_Djjr's tutorial.


Everything was going fairly well, but after adding about 50 new vehicles to the game, i noticed a weird glitch or bug or whatever it is: Everytime i go to Las Venturas, after driving 5-15 minutes at The Strip back and forth, the game picks up 3 or 4 models for each popcycle and start to spawn them over and over and over again. As The Strip has mainly 4 group of peds (Business, Average, Entertainers and Causal Rich), I end up with only the same 10 or 12 models, 3-4 for each group besides of taxis and law enforcement vehicles.


I added 15 new models to the Casual Rich group, 10 to the Entertainers, 7 to the Average and 2 to the Business group. I removed all the new entries from these lines and the problem stopped. Then I used a program to create permanent spawn points for each new vehicle on both parking lanes, and the problem started again.


It triggers only if I wander around The Strip for a short period of time, in other places the spawning process works fine. But after going to LV and triggering this mess, it affects the whole State, so if I come back to the poorer areas of Los Santos, i will see, for example, Clovers, Intruders and Willards everywhere and nothing else from the poor people group. There is no way to solve it but reloading the game.


It seems for me that the game may not handle a lot of models at one specific place, but I really don't know the source of this annoying problem and how to fix it. Anybody can help me to sort this mess?


My specs

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93Ghz

GPU: Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT


OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64


Sorry if there are some mistakes, evidently english isn't my first language.

Edited by Rikapiga
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Shogun Pacino

Try to use a car spawner to spawn the vehicle instead?


Btw where did you get the low-poly models from gta 3/vc/lcs? i'm interested.

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I have two car spawners, but the purpose is only to test if everything was done correctly, I like the new cars in the same manner as the original ones, spawning naturally in the traffic. My SA doesn't crash or lag, nothing, this is the only problem i'm currently experiencing.


About the lowpoly cars, I downloaded most of them from workshops found here (Spartan112, stierlitz, MorningStar). Also, cj2000 has a car pack called "United Cars & Weapons Pac", all the models totally reworked in SA style (lights, steering wheel, body parts, engine, tires, etc). A few models are from random creators in other sites but, by now, I don't remember which sites exactly, cause they were the first I downloaded when started modding a long time ago and I didn't save any link.

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Shogun Pacino

It's probably one of the vehicles added wrongly, try to spawn all of them with a car spawner like Visual Car Spawner and see if one crashes the game.

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