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Sound not working


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I can't get sound to work in my San Andreas.


I am using a HDTV for both my monitor and sound.


Is there a patch?

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If the game played before, and this is sudden. AND you changed some settings or added new hardware since you last played then the first thing to do is Delete the gta_sa.set file.

This file contains any special settings you made, and your systems hardware and drivers. It is update or


recreated when you close the game successfully.


IF you happen to have a stolen (Pirated/warez/torrent) game it is not unusual for the thief to not include the sound files, to make it quicker to upload.

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Try resetting your default audio settings in gta sa. this happened to me when my son was playing and i have no idea what he did but i couldn't hear anything.

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Reset to defaults fixed sound effects, but I still can't get radio music or voices.


What happens if you start a new game? I remember the weird Catalina/rain combination glitch, when the sounds didn't work properly.

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  • 4 weeks later...

So radio music doesn't seem to work no matter what I do. Voices are also still mostly broken.


What is wierd is that during a cutscene, the last voice line in each cutscene plays perfectly fine. I get no other voices in the game, just the last line.

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lil weasel

Which game version did you buy?

1. DVD v1

2. DVD v2

3. Steam Registered V3.

What is your Operating System?

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  • 1 month later...

Try Resetting your audio settings and if doesn't works then it is possible that your cutscene file is corrupted, you can check on GtaGarage or YouTube for a New Cutscene file and replace new file with the old one...... If you have a pirated copy, then this is COMMON

Edited by AtharvJack
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