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One thing i love about the focus of GTA 4

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is the focus on actual criminal organizations instead of the government, that was the best part of GTA 4

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Hmmm nice bike

I just like how the government focus was minimal. It was there, but we were only the lapdog for the UL Paper guy for a brief period in the game. It's more relevant to the story with how they actually help us out in the end, it kind of helps explain how Niko manages to stay out of jail and not face deportation, and Rockstar didn't force it. V felt like they lifted too many elements from Agent and tried to shove it into the weak story to pad it out more.

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I think it fit into one of the overall feelings of the city, that you're just a dot on the map. The world isn't revolving around Niko, you watch him take part in it.

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Algonquin Assassin
Posted (edited)

The best thing about how GTA IV encapsulates its story is by making Niko feel like he's truly apart of Liberty Citys underworld. It achieves this brilliantly by placing him as a freelance criminal and whilst it's not the first GTA to do it it's definitely pulled off extremely well.

With regards to the government angle I honestly don't mind it in any GTA game even GTA V. The problem I have in GTA V it suffocates the rest of the story too much leaving out less focus on more relevant origanisations such as Mexican drug cartels.

I like that the UL Paper Contact is presented as a shady and mysterious fellow, but his missions aren't too stupid and the character himself is important to Niko's quest to find Darko. There's no COD or Splinter Cell type of moments for the sake of having them like GTA V and San Andreas to a lesser extent. It all feels seamless without an unnecessary road bump in the story and by no means doesn't overrule the more traditional criminal organisations we're all accustomed to.

Edited by Algonquin Assassin

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