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[PC] Remapping Controls on XInput/Xid Controller for Helicopter


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Hi everyone,


I'm a new GTA player trying to learn to fly a combat helicopter.

When target-practicing, I found out that my brain is even overstrained with operating the four shoulder buttons on the Controller, at once.


The idea is to map L1/R1 for tail rotation of the heli, to the right analogue stick.

And maybe reduce the dead-zone on the left stick a little.


I am sorry that my search foo is so low, but I did search and quickly got confused with all the tools there are, such as x360CE, Durazno etc. and their functionality.

Maybe someone has experience with this and could point me in the direction of a simple way to realize my idea, please?

I'd be very grateful.


Kind regards

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It`s just a thing of practice that`s all. It would totally ruin your controls if you use tools like that believe me, if a game has controller support you should use it the way it`s suppossed to be used. If you want to use such tools they are made so that the pc thinks you use a keyboard even if you use a controller, sure you can change settings the way you want but it would affect all controls not just helicopter if you know what i mean.


For example if you change the assigned button for the tail rotation from R1 to the right stick to the right side, you would lean against a wall if you use your right stick and move it to the right side while your on foot.


Not sure if R1 is leaning to wall on ps4 controller i play with xbox controller but yeah i guess you know what i mean. You can`t assign different buttons for different situations.


You haven`t mentioned if you play on Playstation or PC i don`t think that`s even possible if your playing on Playstation.

Edited by Mexicola9302
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Thank you for your kind reply (cool QOTSA avatar btw) I take your point as valid in general. Especially the practicing part.


But in my case being on foot means not using the controller at all, but keyboard and mouse.

(by the way the Xid controller [Thrustmaster GP Xid pro] is the same as your xbox controller: R1 taking cover / L1 weapon wheel)


When driving / racing a car (not needing to aim shots at the same time) I would use the controller. The downside you are describing would only be dispensing with the camera control, and reassigning the handbrake from R1 to either A,B,X or Y.


As nice and well meant your answer is, I still think my idea's downsides don't outweigh the gain in steering comfort while piloting the chopper.

Edited by Spider-Vice
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I think the problem on the whole is that GTA doesn't allow you to change the controller bindings without messing about with the files which in turn, prevents you from playing online.

If your own controller (etc) can be rebinded so that it corresponds to what you're after, that's the only way you'd get the fix.


Mexicola does pick up on an important point on this subject, but it's something that can be easily fixed or re-coded.

"INPUT_VEH_FLY_YAW_RIGHT" and "INPUT_VEH_FLY_YAW_LEFT" are the only inputs that use the R1 / RB and L1 / LB controls, so only the "INPUT_VEH_FLY_YAW_RIGHT" and "INPUT_VEH_FLY_YAW_RIGHT" would need changing. That wouldn't take any effect on the camera or going into cover mode. (Here's a full list of the inputs https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Controls)


I would guess the only option you'd have here is to use a rebinding program with some trial-and-error.

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