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The Room


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Author's Note: I decided to make a story, but I never found to share it with someone else. It's similar to Silent Hill 4: The Room, but different. But today, I started to make it and share it with other people.


Please leave a feedback, I'll continue the story.







2 years later, Frank Thompson was living in the outskirts of South Ashfield, a town located near Silent Hill. He was enjoying his life and he was happy. But 5 days later, he could not get out from his Room in the Hotel South Ashfield, the door is chained from the inside. But his first nightmare, as Walter Sullivan is haunting him, he is the last victim of the 30 Sacraments.



"What? Where... am I?" -Frank said.

Frank is still staying conscious, but his room is haunted. Then he got out from his bedroom, and saw a creepy face lying in the wall. Bloody wall cracks are all over the wall, the TV is showing static.


"The air is so heavy, my head hurts..." -Frank said.


Then, he could not get out from his room, the door's lock is broken, the bathroom is locked, the laundry room's door is shut tight and it won't open. Frank tried to open the entry door, but the door was shut tight for good. He tried to look outside from the window, but the window is stained with blood.


"I can't open it... what is this place?"


Then a mark appeared on his entry door. He wanted to check it, but from the face a ghost appeared (Victim 1/30) and haunts him. Then he fell unconscious with the ghost.

The first nightmare ends here.







Frank wakes up, seeing the room pretty normal. He tries to open the window, but the window is shut.


"When I got here, the windows were pretty normal, I can open them from that time, but now, it's shut tight..."


He examines his phone, he can't call anyone. The cord's cut.


"I tried to call 911, but it looks like they won't reply."


Then Frank gets out from his bedroom, exploring his room. The TV won't show anything, the door's chained from inside.


"This is impossible, what the heck happened here...? The door is chained... from inside, I can't open it..."


He looks trough the peephole, and he sees his neighbor from the Room 202.. Miriam Hoover...


"That's my neighbor, Miriam. I wonder what is she doing there... cleaning up the floor?"


Miriam looks at the door and says:


"Ah... I hope he wakes up. He will be late for the party."


Then a collapsing wall sound is heard.

Frank says:


"What was that?"


He goes to his bathroom, and he sees a hole.


"What the..? What is this..? Hmm.. I wonder if I can get out from this way.."


He enters the hole.

After exiting the hole, he is on the escalators, sitting on them, and says:


"What the... hell? What is this place?"


Then he enters the Subway World.




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