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[CLEO] Tram Driver

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Posted (edited)

San Andreas Tram Driver




At last, this is the final version of my Tram Driver script released! It gives the ability to stop any tram that passes by player in San Fierro and drive it on your own.




- No need to learn any new hotkeys or other things - just find a Tram and press the usual vehicle entering key.

- The Tram continues its cruise if you go away from it. Anytime you can overtake that Tram and stop it again, or find another one, etc.




- Copy the "trm_drv.cs" file from this zip archive to your CLEO directory in GTA San Andreas folder.




- To use this mod you have to install CLEO 4.3 (http://cleo.li)

- Feature is disabled in 2-player mode to prevent crashes in some circumstances that can not be avoided




Sometimes you can meet double trams. With some 'luck' you can enter second carriage without stopping the whole train. But you can not leave the Tram in that case, because its speed is too low for jump-out and too high for usual opening the door and exit. It's the game engine feature that can't be adjusted, so just don't try to do such things.




e581efafc9c0t.jpg f9deae8d3177t.jpg


e8950e318898t.jpg 5638c1aab318t.jpg





Release video (new):



First test video (over 230k views, my channel leader O_o):






> HERE <





I've started to write this simple script many years ago, but every time something has gone wrong, I became angry etc. So no finish. I decided to re-write it then. I've uploaded first new Tram Driver cleo test video on Youtube in 2014 without actually releasing the script, as it wasn't complete and still caused crashes etc. I've lost my interest again to finish it. But after couple of years I've noticed that testing video suddenly became very popular and it became a leader on my channel. That made me sure people are still interested in mod like this. So finally here it is, enjoy!


Edited by Marsi4eg

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Why is your work so under rated?!

Nice job!


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Why is your work so under rated?!

Nice job!


Thank you. I think it's because I make mostly narrow-focused mods that aren't interesting for majority of players.


Anyway I've found a bug:

- If you get busted while driving the tram somewhere near SFPD HQ (or wasted somewhere near hospital, however, it's too far from nearest tracks for this bug to appear) - your tram might not be destroyed because your spawn point is very close. So it won't continue its cruise in that case and will just remain stopped.


Now fixed - the tram will go away from there as intended in those cases.


Download link updated

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