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"Weekly" Interviews #43

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This week's guest is the forum fanboy, former Forum Sheriff and Most Obsessive Name Changer of all time, @Algonquin Assassin.

Jimmy: You've been on the forums for over a decade now. What brought you to GTAForums?
Algonquin Assassin: At the time it was really because of GTA IV. Though I had been a member of another GTA forum I decided to branch out and found GTAF in Google. Thought it looked like a cool place to be and been here ever since.

What inspired you to create your username?
Which one? Lol /jokes. To keep it simple Ill just concentrate on my original Miamivicecity username. Its pretty simple. I just took Miami Vice and combined it with Vice City. Though as a matter of interest Ive never actually watched Miami Vice, but am aware of its various references in Vice City.

What's your favorite part about the forum community?
It would have to be the GTA IV and off topic forums. It's nice to be a part of a forum that loves GTA IV as much I do which is where Ive spent most of my time over the years and off topic is great just to let my hair down (No pun intended. Yes my hair is long hehe). Its just really cool to engage in everyday conversations.

Which forum member(s) do you feel the closest to?
Oh. Oh. This is a tricky one since I get along with so many people. I don’t wish to do anyone injustice here, but for the sake of the question I’d have to say Mister Pink. In all of my years on the forum I don’t think I’ve seen him lose his cool. We share a lot of similar interests in video games, movies and tv shows which is really cool. As I said I don’t wish to anyone injustice, but I feel Mister Pink and I cold be mates in person. He’s just a top lad and I’m glad he’s still around after so long.

What's your most memorable moment on the forums?
The day of GTA IVs release. I was still pretty new and it was the first time I had ever experienced a GTA release at a community based forum. It was so full of buzz its hard to describe fully.

How has this community changed since you first registered?
Cosmetically its changed a lot, but so many people have come and gone over that period. I was also fortunate to be a member of staff for 6 years which gave me a broader perspective of the community.

If you were given Admin powers for a day, what would you do?
Un-corrupt Voodoo *evil laugh*.

What's your favorite Rockstar Games title or series?
I think this is pretty obvious lol. GTA IV. It's a legendary game and so is Vice City. Outside of GTA I'm also fond of LA Noire. A really underappreciated masterpiece as far as I'm concerned.

Tell us more about the person behind the username. Any favorite hobbies, music, etc?
For those that don't know me on a personal level my real life name is Ryan and I'm an Aussie (Unless people think I'm a Kiwi or something). Currently I'm undertaking a bachelor of Information Technology degree at the University Of Newcastle majoring digital media and entertainment.

Besides video games I'm a mega TV and movie buff. I'm also a gearhead and watch motorsport religiously like MotorGP and Formula 1. I also collect scale model cars. I have about 200 of them and I'm scared to think how much I've spent on them.

Any final comments? Do you have anything to say to our readers & the GTAF community?
Thank you for the opportunity for me to answer these questions. I know I haven't been around as much lately (I still lurk). Im not entirely sure when I'll be back to posting regularly as I'm really busy with my studies. As I said in my profile I haven't forgotten about GTAF. It's still a great forum. For now I'm just taking a bit of time away.



@Jimmy - Interviewer

@Flachbau - Graphics Assistant

Edited by Jimmy
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I tought Algonquin Assassin took a break from this Forum. Haven't seen his posts in a while.


And he's one of the nicest people in the GTA IV section. He also used to be the second coolest staff member IMO.

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