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Was pokemon go the most overhyped/rated game of all time

Jack Lupino

Recommended Posts

Jack Lupino

back in 2016 i remember everyone going crazy about this game.it was so highly rated by people.

2 years later the hype has died down.seems like everyone has forgotten about this stupid game to the point anyone barely mention it.

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Edward Nashton

I can think of a lot of other games that I feel were way, way more overhyped than Pokemon Go. The thing about Pokemon Go is that it got a lot of non -"gamers" exited, so it got more coverage than, let's say, the original WATCH_DOGS. But to me and many others who're more knowledgeable about full on video games and 'free mobile games', Pokemon Go was exactly what I thought it would be, just a Pokemon themed augmented reality mobile game that utilized your gps. WATCH_DOGS on the other hand, was a much bigger disappointment, but the demographic that felt it was very specific.

Edited by Edward Nashton
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I got shadowbanned recently :lol: a new security thingy, but I think I'm back, I do have most of the regional ones. there's a glitch though my character is a giant and I can't see anything.

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That's Fortsh*t

Pokemon Go was pretty overhyped though, I never really was excited for it. I prefer playing games, not playing mobile sh*t

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The problem with Pokémon Go is that the developers completely dropped the ball. I remember the first few weeks very well, because you spent more time looking at loading screens and server outage messages than actually playing it. Regardless, the money kept coming in and continues to do so, though at a much slower pace, so there's reluctance to change or fix much. Why should they? One thing I will say is that once the novelty wears off, there isn't a great deal else to do other than collect. Don't get me wrong, I love to collect things, but to have that as a primary game mode is a little tepid. So far as I know, battling and trading is yet to be released despite promises of both early on in the game's release. The gym system isn't much of a battle mode as it is a "tap your fingers quickly and hope you aren't fighting a spoofer" mode.


Their events are a joke, their updated features are lacklustre, their customer service is atrocious and the bugs frustrate many players to the point of being turned off completely. It's a shame, because for the first couple of weeks of solid play I was completely hooked. I was leaving my house just to hunt down the rarer Pokémon in my area, until I realised rural players like myself really get handed the sh*tty end of the stick. Besides, I realised there was so little difference in each capture that it was hard to see the point. In the main series games, each and every Pokémon performs differently, and can be used far more practically. I understand Pokémon Go is a completely different breed of game, but this left things feeling boring and stale alarmingly quickly.


To answer your question though, was it overhyped? Yes and no. If Niantic had realised what potential they had from the beginning, this could have been an amazing addition to a series slowly groaning under its own weight. Instead, it was squandered and it was ridiculous how underprepared they really were. I feel that the hype was justified, but not enough was done to keep the train rolling to please die-hard fans and casual players alike. Ultimately, both camps were let down.


I'll stick to Geocaching.

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Cutter De Blanc

Pokemon No


I liked the game boy games, I don't see the appeal of Pokemon Go however.

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The strange thing for me is I ended up disabling the one draw the game might have had, which was the augmented camera feature that actually put the Pokémon in front of you... or layered over the background so you could move your phone around and make it look like they were in the bath with you or something. It's neat and all, but it was an absolute swine to the battery life so I ended up turning it off altogether.

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Cutter De Blanc

It doesn't help that Pokemon Go takes up almost all of the available space on my phone. Yeah, no.

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