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Help with Native Trainer for "Offline" GTA Online Characters

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Posted (edited)

Greetings to the GTA Community.


I recently installed Native Trainer for GTA V because I heard it has a function similar to Skin Control in order to make your GTA Online Character Offline.


But I recently have difficulties using the tool properly because I don't know the numbers that match each heritage (except, according to some testing, 46 equals Misty, 44 equals Nico, 43 equals Claude, and I believe 25 equals Giselle, the same going for 8, in which I believe is Isaac) to get the face I want and sometimes there are masculine and feminine versions and it's a bit confusing, skin tone settings, resemblance, eyebrow color (I'm having problems with trying to make black eyebrows appear in the game), t-shirt logos, upper clothing and their colors,


I'm planning on testing some GTA Online Characters I made (but later discarded, since I'm using the Second Slot as some kind of canvas) in FreeRoam and even do a fun thing on what they are supposed to look like since the character creator in the beginning is a tad bit limited when it comes to hairstyles and such. I do take photos on what their heritage looks like so that I can keep it in mind. Their hair, eyebrows, etc. Are easily identified by me. But the parts I mentioned are the ones I'm having difficulties with. In other words, where can I save my characters after I'm finished making them so that I can pick them up later on? And will they appear in the mod's files?


Update: Also, does anyone know the names of the hair "tattoo" overlays that come along with the shirt logos and the tattoos? Can someone help me identify them as well so that I can get an accuracy on the hair that should match with the said overlay? What about the tattoos, too?


Update #2: I had to do the work of identifying each heritage.


Can someone be able to guide me through native trainer and help me understand it better? I'll appreciate any form of help.



Edited by Chrisatsinnoh

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Posted (edited)

Can someone seriously be able to help me with the matter? I see people viewing this but aren't doing anything to help me. I tried to ask the GTA Wikia for help, but they end up deleting my posts. I wish somebody can reach me and help me understand this mod.


I know for the fact that I can't get replies easily, but to tell the truth, my patience is running low. I might resort on doing the research myself if no one else can...

Edited by Chrisatsinnoh

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The best way will be to ask sjaak327, he's an author of Simple Trainer.

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I'll try that.

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