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Help with GTA San Andreas map mods

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Hi guys. Recently I found a few race tracks for GTA San Andreas that I would love to have in the game, but for some reason, my game keeps crashing after doing 100% everything that says in the tutorial for each and every map, so I would like to ask anyone who's into this stuff to help me get it to work, I'd appreciate it very much. I have never done this before, so I must be doing something wrong since I can't get any of them to work.


Here's the link to the maps - https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AOZvsrJCy%2DJ6RBU&id=2E0BDA739B1A4773%21182&cid=2E0BDA739B1A4773. I would like to get the one called ''sinakagi_v0.03'' to work in single player.


I followed the instructions in the readme, but it doesn't work after I replace the original files in the game for some reason. It says to put the akagi1.img into models folder and put the text line into gta.dat file - easy. I did it. Then, the problem arises when I need to replace the LAw.ide and LAw.ipl in data/maps/LA folder. The game crashes mid loading screen cause of that, I'm sure. Now, it says in the final step that I need SALA. I searched what that was and it turns out it's San Andreas Limit Adjuster. I got something called ''limit_adjuster_gta3vcsa.asi and ini'' files, I guess that's what I need. Still doesn't work. I tried using fastman92 limit adjuster that I downloaded from his site, the game crashes, reporting some access violation error even though I downloaded the right one, for my HOODLUM exe file, I put all the files into their right places etc, but I can't use it apparently. Can someone test the file and if it works for you, try to help me find a solution for it to work please? I tried everything, it won't work, not for sinakagi or any other track from that link.

Edited by Jimmy_Leppard

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