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Buying Claude Action Figure. PLEASE HELP!

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I have been looking for a Claude Action Figure ever since I found out about it in 2013!

Unfortunately I have let a few slip without realizing they were on ebay.

If anyone knows of 1 for sale or has one and is considering of selling it PLEASE message me.

If you are around LOS ANGELES, I will personally come meet you at YOUR chosen location and pay you cash.

If you are not in Los Angeles then I can paypal you the money and pay for shipping as well!


Please help me bring this one home guys!

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Jack Lupino

how old are you?

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Have in your mind you will have to empty your wallet. Apart from this I give you a valuable tip: don't tell your future seller you are desesperated for whatever you are buying to him because you might get ripped off or pay an overriden price taking advantatge of your desesperation.

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What does age matter? if hes prepared to pay good luck to him, id have one too if i had that kind of money Claude is becoming expensive

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Good luck finding one because these are extremely rare .


What I've noticed on Ebay I've seen only like two or three since the release of them back in 2011 & also noticed some go for $500 or even higher , but that depend's on the bid.. They are very rare to come by online though.


What i would've loved though is if they ever made a Tommy Vercetti action figure, but unfortunately that never happened.

Edited by jaljax

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Jack Lupino what does my age have to do with anything?


GTA_CAT 100% man! thanks for the heads up!


Jaliax, tell me about it :( and the people selling it are a bunch of pains ...

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I'm open to offers for mine. I'm in the UK and my Claude has never been out of the box.

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