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Irremovable 0 star glitch [PS2]


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So i've been messing around with dupes and stuff and decided to test it on my ps2. i'm not quite sure which version of the game i'm running, though i strongly believe that it's the 1.01 version. So, some days ago i decided to mess around with the game getting Om0 using bike school.then i duped flight school and saved the game. Shortly after, i decided to do the 0 star glitch using Om0 + Vigilante + Air travel and it worked, i had zero stars no matter what i did. I messed around a little bit and then turned off the console and went to sleep. on the next day when i started playing again i realized that for some reason, the glitch was still active. I reloaded the save a couple more times and it was still active. Turning the ps2 on an off also didn't help. I tried using the air travel again, starting vigilante, killing CJ, going in and off interiors, making another save, doing missions but none of these helped. Which seems really weird because this is quite a fragile glitch and easy to lose it. I don't even know how the game remembers the airplane that i blew up days ago, mainly because i didn't even save, and even if i did, that should've removed the glitch. Does anyone has a fix to this or knows why this happened?

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Maybe some speed runners with more experience with Om0 than me can shed some light on this mystery. Did you test if the wanted level was working before exploiting the airliner trick? It seems much more likely that something prior to saving would be required to glitch up your save. I strongly suspect that the airliner exploit has nothing to do with your glitch.


The only thing I know of that can limit the wanted level across save is setting the max wanted level to 0. I did a quick search of the code used to set the max wanted level and flight school will set the max wanted level to 0 after recording the current max wanted level. At the end of the mission the max wanted level is reset to the stored value. If flight school is duped... I'm actually not sure what will happen but based on your experience... Yeah, it seems pretty likely that a duped mission would copy the setting of 0 from the first instance of the mission. Or, if the mission is not allowed to finish properly then the max wanted level would never get reset.


I can't see how the speed runners could have missed this. I'll ask around. This might be a known glitch.


Off hand, I don't see an easy way to fix things using missions. Usually the missions that mess with the max wanted level will record and reset the current max wanted level.


PS2, a real PS2 or something newer with compatibility or remastered? Do you have AR Max, Codebreaker, or similar software that can be used to tweak your max wanted level or copy your save to PC for editing?


Assuming that duping flight school caused the glitch, can you reproduce the problem?

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This one? The Video Title even states that the No Wanted Level is Permanent and Saveable. I'm afraid that you can never get Wanted Level back again, so your Save is "corrupted."

I have to mention, OM0 on SA PS2, be EXTREMILY CAREFUL with it. It can crash your Game, you can get Permanent Blips there (on PC too if you're not careful), plus it can easily corrupt Saves. For OM0 Testing, I suggest just using the PC Version. On PS2, you can test OM0 Stuff out if you want, but I warn you, it's completely different there and can be lethal.

I had a taste at SA OM0, I tested and obtained the AP Lowriders from HS,LR on PC. They weren't really a Problem and I only got them to test stuff out. On PS2, the Game immediately crashes after you start Just Business, on PC it does not.

Photo Opportunity AP Vehicles? It requires TWO Deaths on PS2, while on PC they need ONE Death, plus on PS2 it gives you a Permanent Blip on your Radar that you can't get rid off AT ALL. Permanent Blips STAY on your Radar after playing around with certain OM0 Tasks.

I've heard of some OM0 Duping where if you dupe Toreno's Last Flight (don't quote me on that one, I'm not certain about this), then you will have a Permanent Four Star Wanted Level until you pass Saint Mark's Bistro.

There's also OM0 Stuff where you can get 100% Completion early (Double Percent from High Noon and such), plus you can Dupe something and you will unlock a Safehouse somewhere on the Map (Chinatown Safehouse, Tierra Robada Safehouse, Mulholland Safehouse) etc.

Thankfully, the AP and EC/EM Conversions which require OM0 are harmless on PS2 SA. Unique/EP/FP RC Baron from Beefy Baron? It's obtainable and it gives you a "0" on your Screen. Luckily, that Zero gets removed after saving and reloading, thus that is harmless too.

Well, SA OM0 is another Step/Level to be discovered and studied. It really is harmful on PS2 and can corrupt your Save Files, but I believe that PS2 SA OM0 has to be tested too. OM0 as for now is only tested on PC and on Mobile here and there, plus only two-three OM0 Stuff was tested on PS2... As I said, BE EXTREMILY CAREFUL WITH PS2 SA OM0!!!!
Edited by SpriteFan274
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So indeed it was the duping of flight school that gave me a permanent 0 wanted level, and it's fairly easy to reproduce it. That video was a bit more complicated than what i did though.
All you really need to do is get an Om0 call, then you walk into the flight school mission mark, let go of the phonecall, wait for the phonecall to end and walk back into the mark (pressing S). Then you quit the flight school menu and it's done.
if you try do dupe parachute onto target after you've done N.O.E, the game crashes when you complete it.


and yeah Sprite, that is correct, if you dupe Toreno's Last Flight, you'll have 4 stars untill you complete saint mark's bistro. The reason for that is because duping TLF skips Yay Ka Boom Boom, and Yay Ka Boom Boom is the mission that unlocks the bridges and allows the player to be in Las Venturas, so by skipping that, you don't unlock Las Venturas.
i'm using a Standart Fat Ps2 with little to no modification, so i can't really do anything to this savefile. Thanks a bunch for warning me about how dangerous Om0 can be on PS2, though i'm quite interested on testing Om0 on PS2


the reason that made me start using Om0 on PS2 was to try to get the andromada. I first tried the PS2 method of getting it but it was way too frustrating

Edited by GTAKid667
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Seeing that you're testing OM0 on SA PS2, it would be nice if you tested some OM0 Vehicles like the other Unique/EP/FP RC Barons, AP Berkley's RC Van, Unique Hotring Racer A and B, AP Sentinel from Saint Mark's Bistro, Reuniting the Families AP Tanker, AP Tanker Trailer, AP Police Maverick, Just Business AP/EM BF-400 etc. and then tell the Results of them on the SA Special Vehicle Guide. If there's anything tested on SA PS2 Version about OM0, it's only the AP Conversion and the Unique/EP/FP RC Baron from Air Raid with Failure and from Beefy Baron, also some Stuff like the AP Lowriders from High Stakes, Low-Rider... But other than those few things, everything that we know about SA OM0 was tested and studied on the PC Version only, plus SOME Mobile OM0 testing here and there.

The PC SA OM0 Researching is one sided and I only see "pure OM0" Gameplay tested and shown on the PC Version. You have to have People researching and testing it on ALL Platforms and not just on PC. Doesn't matter if it's a Minority or not, what matters is 100% (everything). If 85% of People play on PC, what about the other 15%? Even if it's 99%, what about the 1%? You can't disregard those People. If you want to check the result of trying to obtain these OM0 Story Special Vehicles on SA PS2, then you should start a New Game and go through all the Missions for the Story OM0 Special Vehicles, and say what happens. Any help is respected.

Don't know why you had to give up on the Unique Andromada for the PS2 Method. Of course it is difficult, but by giving up you won't be able to get it at ALL. Lethal Vaccine managed to obtain it three times totally on PS2. If you're persistant and have experience in the Game, and if you're patient, then there is NO reason to give up and try Alternative and Easier Methods which could be extremily harmful on the PS2 as it was never tested yet...

Keep trying, you'll succeed... Practice makes perfect.

Edited by SpriteFan274
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I'll gladly test those vehicles, don't worry, i enjoy doing this kind of stuff. i do agree with you and i think Om0 should be tested on PS2 as well even though it could be harmful, who knows what else the PS2 version of the game has that we haven't discovered yet? It's worth testing.



Also, maybe i should say that, for some reason, while doing the mission "Supply Lines" the game gave an AP RC Baron, i don't know if it was really AP, but i crashed a bunch of times, got shot a bunch, then crashed into a petrol station to fail the mission, but the RC didn't take any damage. It was really weird, mainly because the RC is quite fragile during this mission.


And about the Andromada, i just got really pissed because the plane kept despawning when it was like 95% inside the garage, but i'll keep trying :)


also, thanks a bunch for your guide!

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Awesome! Good luck on the testing as these things have to be known for PS2. Good luck on the Unique Andromada, as I said, Lethal Vaccine obtained it three times on PS2. First time in his old SA OM0 2nd Save, second time in his current SA Main 1st Save, and the third time in this Video that I linked above.

The Supply Lines... RC Baron is EP/FP only, not AP. By crashing into a Gas Station, of course it won't blow up since it's EP/FP (Explosionproof and Fireproof), but it's not BP/DP (Bulletproof and Damageproof) which means it's still vulnerable to Bullets and Damage from Crashing. That's why.

No Problem, the Guides are still not finished and are still Work in Progress though.

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thanks, i'll keep trying to get the andromada, my main save is already at 100% and it's stored in a different memory card, i'm testing dupes and stuff in a separate memory card, so i have nothing to worry about


oh, i see, in my memory i swear i got shot a lot but apparently i didn't

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