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looking for Jetpack with minigun model, anyone still has it laying around (last hope finding it here)?

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Posted (edited)

Hey all,

I wanna go for with a fresh GTA V install with some of my favorite mods. I however cannot find one anymore as it has been removed from the web. Does anyone here still have the following mod? It's the Jetpack with minigun mod (Julio's), but I'm actually looking for the Jetpack model v3 by Risadinha009 and Jotape17. The scripts are still downloadable on the main page with all the links to the models are dead.

Chances are that maybe don't have the uninstalled files laying around, but still have the mod installed so you can still help me out. The modded model files are; p_ecg_01_cable_01_s.ydr, p_devin_box_01_s.ydr, p_cs_tracy_neck2_s.ydr located in x64g.rpf

If you have the mod or mod installed could you please send it to me or upload it somewhere? I asked on different sources without any succes. GTAforums is my final hope.

Much appreciated!

Edited by OracleX

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It really got lost? quite hard to believe.

Anyone knows i there was any story behind it why it got removed?


Model v2 is still available

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