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How to fix San Andreas lag

Jack Lupino

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Hello friends pc specs are 512mb ram with no graphics card Intel graphics 64mb.

I installed gta vc and 3 running smooth.

But San Andreas is lagging a lot near traffic cars and during cutscenes.

So what graphics card is best for this specs?

And is there anyway to fix the lag without buying gpu.

Edited by Jack Lupino
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At that point i'd be looking for a whole new pc nevermind just a gpu, I believe SA recommended a 6000 series GeForce card but that's severely outdated too and not worth buying but that being said I don't think it'd be worth buying anything for that rig. If you really had to then a low end card like the 610, 710 etc could be bought for cheap.


Also, http://lowendpatches.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/gta-san-andreas-low-end-patch.html

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If he just wants to run SA a new pc would be much more expensive, though. His system is outdated, true, but so is San Andreas.


Look for a used card on Ebay, just pay attention to what your system can use. You may not even have a PCIE slot, meaning you'd need to look for an AGP card. (Those disappeared somewhere around 10 years ago.)

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is it that more expensive?


i know for sure that it will run in a PS2, i doubt you can say with the same certainty the same when we dont even know any specs from his build..


his it even a Desktop to be upgraded?

does the Psu have enough power left for the Gpu?

what mobo does he have?


i have a Ps2 and Ps3 and i would give them up for free if they collect them at my doorstep

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Cards that were considered mainstream gamer cards or even high end gamer cards from when San Andreas came out can probably be had for $5.


Though, yes, if he doesn't know the specs of his machine in terms of available expansion slots and power supply trying to upgrade will be challenging at best.

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The GT 1030 isn't particularly powerful, but is certainly enough for many games. It also costs nearly $100 in the current market.


It also might not work at all with the OP's system, depending on just how old that system is.

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