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Los Santos Emergency Services Recruiting!

Recommended Posts

Police RP Based Clan on Xbox ONE and PC
I am a Sergeant in a Police Role Play clan called LSES: Los Santos Emergency Services. This clan was originally established in 2008 on Xbox 360 during the GTA IV days. In the prime of the clan we had 2 to 3 patrols with up to 5 people on a waiting list DAILY. We are in the process of rebuilding to accommodate everyone and are all hands on deck! We are currently looking to recruit active members to fill the Xbox One ranks! Please visit our forums and register for further information, feel free to contact me on our forums as well, I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.
We are based off Xbox One but are actively expanding to PC and will be ready for applications in the coming weeks. If you are a PC user and are interested in being part of this action then please register on the forum and send a PM to xXElmoX224Xx for information on recruiting status.
If you feel like you are interested then let me tell you more about how we play. First off, right after you send an application through our forums, a member of the interview team will reach out to you. From there you will be set up with a Trainer who will show you the way we do things in a patrol. In that session you will be taught the procedure we use to properly execute safe and professional traffic stops. You will be observed in different scenarios to see how you react. After you pass Training, you will be sent out on your own to impress your superiors! Before you know it you will have a nice shiny badge and a brand new police interceptor.
Command Team and Rank Structure
Bureau Chief
Senior Patrol Officer
Patrol Officer

Different ranks have different responsibilities throughout the clan on and off the forums. For example the Sergeants in patrol act as supervisors and respond when assistance is necessary. Once you pass your recruit stage you will start at the bottom and will either be assigned a Unit Number or you will be given an option. Currently we are in the 200’s for Unit Numbers and they are first come first served. With good role-play, mature attitude and willingness to go beyond the call of duty you may find yourself climbing up the ladder down the road!

Currently in the clan we have a number of divisions you can apply for, here’s what they are followed by a brief description of what you can expect when you join.
Detective Bureau – This division conducts various operations to combat the crime statistics. Some things that can be expected when you join are investigations into persons caught in illegal possession of drugs/weapons or are suspected in worse crimes such as murder, armed robbery and kidnapping. Detectives are also in charge of negotiations in cases where there are hostages being held and S.W.A.T has the perimeter secure.
S.W.A.T - Special Weapons and Tactics. Any time there is a threat to the life of a civilian or Police Officer, SWAT is called in the take charge of the situation. The SWAT Commander works closely with the on duty Detectives to help de-escalate situations to refrain from lethal action. Once negotiations fail, the SWAT CO takes full on scene command and does what’s necessary to save lives.
Aviation Unit – Take to the skies in one of the city's new helicopters courtesy of the lovely budget committee. Take part in investigations requiring aerial surveillance of targets to avoid police detection, coordinate ground units in pursuit situations, and provide the officers down below with a sense of security in active shooter situations.
Training Department – Be a part of the team that makes everything happen in the clan! If we didn’t have our trainers the clan would not have made it to this point. The hard work and dedication really pays off for those of you interested in become a Field Training Officer (FTO) and who knows, some day you could be running the whole Training Team!
Highway Patrol – Pass an advanced driver course and receive your advanced vehicle certification to ride the Police Harley.
Fire Rescue - This is a division for those who want to experience a somewhat different aspect during patrols. Take on the role of either Paramedic and respond to taser deployments, gun shot victims, car accidents and many others scenarios. There is also a Fire Squad involved, they will respond to calls such as car accidents, vehicle fires and structure fires. Be a part of a life saving team and look into Fire Rescue!
Crook Team – Get certified to become the life of the patrol! Create scenarios with a team of crooks to get the cops involved. For example, you could do traffic stops, or you can plan a bank robbery and hope to not get caught... but would you really want to do that with Los Santos’ finest nearby?
We are looking to fill positions in the ranks, we are currently a group with the youngest member being 18. We'd like to accept some dedicated youngsters to help out on the streets.
This is an active clan/crew, and we are determined to not only have fun on Xbox One but expand to more platforms.
After you register find the topic called “Join the clan!” in the Clan Information Sub Forum. If you have any further questions you can either get in touch with me via the clan forums, or add me on XB: SnoopShady420

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We have gotten some applications and we're happy to say we are still accepting more! Come on by and check us out, we would love to have you as part of our team! Serious role players come apply!!

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Please hit me up if you would like to join. Thank you

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