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Huzaifa khan

MOTW #102

MOTW #102 Voting  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote For The Best Mission!

    • Shot By VenomDYOM
    • The Peoples Army By Zgames 1998
    • The Government Secret By MarkoRS5
    • Blueberry Uprising By Killer_Queen_37
    • The Hunter By DennysCute99

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It might be kind of late but here's my review



Your mission has some good cutscenes that's for sure, the mission was short but I liked the character placement, one thing was the wanted level was getting in the way and all the cops just kept coming, the battle was short and there was guys who stayed inside the vehicle, sometimes I just couldn't find the remaining enemies, the ending was confusing since it ended to be continued. 5/10


Zgames 1998

The people Army

The mission starts off soldiers shooting at you and the player barely has any health but still I was able to pass it, really liked the way you added the player to be on the top of the truck to shot at its enemies and how the chase scene was made but I didn't liked when the player would fall off and I was unable to continue, you should of added the player to ride the passenger side that way it would of worked out without any problems, at the scene were they get to Torino's ranch the mission crashed and I couldn't finish the mission. 6/10



The government Secret

There was no story mission all you do is run away, this is more like Escape, the liked the fight in the cave but taking that boat for that distance wasn't worth it, the chopper can't keep up and stays behind really behind, than inside the building all you have to do is kill one enemy and that's it. 4/10



The Hunter

Your mission kind of didn't make any sense, your star at some location get in position on top of a trailer, than you still go back to the same place, the first fight scene was intense pretty strong enemies, not kind of a long distance driver but still made it to mount-chiliad, from there everything okay till my friend keeps dying, that I can't even finish the mission, but at the end I was able to finished it. 6/10



Blueberry uprising

This mission had amazing cutscenes and the way the actors interacted with each other was perfect, the story was still kind of slow, at the beginning I was unable to find the first checkpoint well several checkpoints you should of added the checkpoints on the map, after the first fight there isn't pretty much anything else, the mission game play was not good enough, but the cutscenes were great. 6.5/10


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