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Cutscene Collisions

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Posted (edited)

Ever wanted to be able to use cutscene interiors without walking through everything and/or be able to interact with cutscene props? This mod is for you!


Currently done:



All models in cutsprops (except fridgeretro)


Roman's Cab Office (with openable door, no teleporting required anymore)

Prison Visit

Elizabeta's Apartment

The 2 inaccessible rooms on the ground floor of The Majestic Hotel

McReary house

Manny's Community Center

McReary police station

Michelle's apartment

Pegorino's house

Suffolk church

Faustin's house (with openable door, no teleporting required anymore)

IAA office

Little Jacob's apartment (with openable door, no teleporting required anymore)


All models in cutsprops

Ashley's apartment

Elizabeta's kitchen


All models in cutsprops (except csboat)

Tony's apartment

Yusuf's apartment

Bulgarin's house






Install instructions:



(All using OpenIV)

Put cutsprops.wbd into pc\anim\cutsprops.img.

Put e1_cutsprops and e2_cutsprops into the episodic cutsprops.img files.

Put level_1.wbd into pc\data\maps\interiors\mission\level_1.img.

Put elizabeta.wbd and level_2.wbd into pc\data\maps\interiors\mission\level_2.img.

Put prisvis.wbd into pc\data\maps\interiors\mission\level_6.img.

Put e2_mum.wbd and mumhouse.wbd into pc\data\maps\interiors\e2_int_2.img.

Put e2_int_3.wbd into pc\data\maps\interiors\e2_int_3.img.

Put e2_int_5.wbd into pc\data\maps\interiors\e2_int_5.img.

Put e2_int_6.wbd into pc\data\maps\interiors\e2_int_6.img.

Put int_5.wbd into pc\data\maps\interiors\int_5.img.

Put int_6.wbd into pc\data\maps\interiors\int_6.img.

Put public_3.wbd and public_3_2.wbd into pc\data\maps\interiors\generic\public_3.img.

Put public_2.wbd and newmansionmilo01.wbd into pc\data\maps\interiors\generic\public_2.img.















Known bugs:



There's a non-solid door in Elizabeta's Apartment (can't find the door model so can't add collision to it)

cscrane doesn't have working ladders

Bullet holes don't appear (particles do though)



Edited by Zolika1351

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