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Alexander V

[GTA U] Fire is crashing GTA U?

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Alexander V

Hello I'm here again with a new topic about crashing
First I don't know is someone has already reported this so... don't blame me about repost.

I was playing GTA U but I get the idea to finish the schools
(Also when you enter the Learning to fly School the game shows a Main history cinematic,the one where Mike Toreno told you that you need to learn fly, like you are here at the first time)
So when I was in "learning to fly" school in "destroy targets" my game crash when I get close to the trucks at the end of the road

First of that I think it was a map glitch, like in The Sherman Dam where the game just crashes here, But I try a lot of times and I get what crashes the game.
The game crashes in that missions because when you destroy a truck and explode makes fire and the fire just crashes the game. I don't know if Fire is the main reason about crashing the game or its another event that causes it.

So I tried just to make fire in that area and yes the game just crashes. Here you can see this two videos [

] [

You see in the first video when I throw the molotov in doesn't make the fire but when the fire is make the game crashes

So I'm just thinking about if it is possible to beat the mission and the answer is yes. With a lot of luck you can beat the mission but also requires that no one car makes fire. You can see it here: [

It's something interesting but this is just a report and here is my minidumps (The game create 3 minidumps, I don't know why) [Minidumps]

GTA U Version: b1.0-SNAPSHOT3_2_0_1

Thanks for read



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Issue has been fixed ages ago.

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