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Why didn't CJ kill...

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Boring answer- plot

Fun answer- shocked about the betray of his childhood friends and he had to rescue his fellow home boys and sweet from the ambush

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Deep Verma

There are two types of world in GTA

One is cutscene in which player cannot pullout guns from ass

One is Virtual Open World in which we control player and can do things.

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Posted (edited)

Cuz hes a psy

Lol he didn't even believe smoke sold em out, "no, no not smoke he might mess with crash, but he don mess with no yay"

Edited by Cjrememberthat

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On 4/6/2018 at 11:38 AM, Domac said:

Alright, so...


In the mission The Green Sabre, CJ finds out that Big Smoke and Ryder betrayed him, and C.R.A.S.H. members leaving the garage. Why didn't CJ leave the car and gun Tenpenny, Pulaski, Smoke and Ryder down then?

If you want to say that he couldn't kill them all alone, he could've asked for Cesar's help to kill them. Aim for their heads and that's it. It wouldn't take more than 5 minutes to kill them...


I know the game would have ended early then, but still. He simply could have killed them four with Cesar's help. After he would have killed them, he could've hid the bodies in the garage where the green Sabre was.

He hadn't unlocked the minigun 

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On 5/12/2019 at 12:57 PM, burgershotmanhunter said:

then the game would be over too quickly plus the operation tenpenny is running goes much deeper than that

This also tenpenny would likely just use b dup if smoke and ryder were killed

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Posted (edited)

Even though after all cj had done, he was still scared of people like Toreno or Tenpenny, but at the end Tenpenny was f*cked anyway and everyone was willin to kill him so that was different then.In V, same has been for Franklin as well, these guys might see some hard sh*t but government and the feds is in a lot more different stage

Edited by Cjrememberthat

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Why didn't CJ just create a Grove Street militia, kill every cop and rival gang member by abusing the Deagle crouch shooting glitch and drinking Sprunk to replenish health, and declare Los Santos a sovereign nation run by GSF? Why didn't his mother just respawn at the hospital? Then we could have avoided SA all together! 


There is a schism between what is possible between story, cutscenes, and gameplay, and there has to be if you want a game that's grandiose and exciting while still following a coherent and structured story.


From a gameplay perspective, CJ could have just sprinted out of the car and threw a molotov at them and ended the game right then and there. But from a story perspective, he has to gauge the risks of performing five homicides at a busy intersection, killing the entire CRASH unit, killing two of his childhood friends when he's not 100% of their involvement or if they were willing participants, getting shot back at by CRASH, Ballas, Smoke, and Ryder, AND whether or not he can do all of this and still save Sweet from his death in a likely setup. If you consider all of that, CJ definitely made the right decision to leave that for later and save Sweet.

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