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|BUG| Save pickup not doing anything

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Hi there first of all i have the downgraded game and i was playing the game with vice city reborn patch and few other mods.

In the biker missions i realized some weird muffled sounds around biker club so i tried to fix it it didn't work and after that save pickups get messed up so right now there is a 90% chance that when i get them they will all just disappear from the world and i cannot save, other 10% of the times it magically works.

I tried deleting the game and reinstalling without any mods (also downgraded) yet the bug still continues, i tried xp sp3 mode it still continues, i thought it might be about the registry so i uninstall via steam and install it back to another directory but that didn't do either, does anyone know the solution or did i just find an extremely rare glitch again?

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it was a save problem apperantly, i just did 2 or 3 more missions and it fixed itself
you can close this now thanks.


edit: nm i just open the game again and its the same, however when i create a new game the problem fixes itself so its definitely about save. for fixing it you should find a identical save file have fun.

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